By Ergon_Talfo - 09/11/2014 00:43 - Canada - Scarborough

Today, after moving to a new neighbourhood, I went to meet my new neighbour. When she opened the door, all she said was, "Oh not you again!", and shut the door in my face. I have no memory of her. FML
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Ergon_Talfo tells us more.

I knocked on the door again and she yelled for me to go away saying she didn't want to buy anything. At this point I understood what was going on. As it turns out, for the past couple days she's been getting salesmen knock on her door and try to sell her something. We talked it out and is clarified that I was actually her new neighbour an not someone trying to sell her something. In the end everything turned out alright and she actually brought me fresh baked cookies later on. They were good. Anyways just wanted to clear up that it was a misunderstanding and she didn't mean any harm.

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I didn't realize people bringing new neighbors baked goods was actually a thing....

PS thank you all for making me laugh and thankfully she wasn't drunk or high.


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Nightmares are just dreams we don't understand yet. When we're kids, we're scared of and have nightmares about vampires and werewolves. When we grow up, we wanna bop Edward Cullen and Jacob Black.

Actually, I'd just prefer to just ignore Edward Cullen and Jacob Black, and I'm pretty sure a lot of other people will want that too.

Those were just general examples. Look at True Blood. It's **** with high production values and a plot. People are into monsters, can't deny it.

@#1,10,20 ; I'm sorry but what are you trying to say?

MrConcise needs to change his username due to false advertisement.

Also, you have terrible taste in "Monsters." As do the many prepubescent screaming twitard fangirls. Pick up a real book. A good book. Not published fanfiction quality drivel.

The only thing I can think of it's maybe it's some dumb joke?

This sounds like a horrible but funny way to answer the door for just about anything.....

Mental illness could also be a cause, I having been witness to it. Whatever you do don't approach them.

boxers4lyfe 17

Maybe you have a doppelgänger? There's a hospital a few counties over that has a nurse that looks exactly like me apparently -.-

I am proud of you for using that word, good job sir

RedCityScapes 5

You could actually use that to your advantage..

You sure you don't live in "The vampire diaries" #4?

probably mistook you for someone else, happens to me all the time. I always tell people I just "have one of those faces" maybe you do too.

Could just be you have a familiar face? Or maybe they're just nuts. Who knows?

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So what? Forget about her. I really don't see how thIs is an FML.

She's ether crazy or joking...good luck finding out

Perhaps your neighbour was drunk or high...maybe even both! I'm sure she'll eventually figure out how wrong she was. Good luck in the new neighbourhood.

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This is why you don't meet neighbors their either someone you know, crazy, or annoying

I don't know where you love, but where I live, my neighbors are some pretty damn well mannered people