How not to raise 'em right

By cammy - 08/05/2021 05:59

Today, I learned that my 13 year-old daughter has been wearing the same pad for a week “because there’s no blood on it.” When I told her that it's still disgusting, she tried to defend herself be saying that, "no one ever told her how long she could wear it." FML
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She does have a point since you never told her how to wear them

Have the talk with her, for crying out loud! Don't wait for her school to do it for you.


She does have a point since you never told her how to wear them

Have the talk with her, for crying out loud! Don't wait for her school to do it for you.

how is this a FML for you and not a FML for your innocent 13 year old daughter? I hope she inspires you to be a better parent. and fast.

this is a parenting failure on your part. it is YOUR responsibility to teach your daughter the birds and bees. she should be learning from you, not the school, her friends or the internet.

If you don't teach your daughter proper hygiene and things related to her reproductive system, where do you expect her to learn it? You can't possibly expect her school to teach her everything. Teach your daughter. Teach her and she'll know. Children don't just grow up knowing everything. They need to learn this information from SOMEWHERE. Make that somewhere be you so it can be as accurate as possible. Don't leave her to try and research this stuff on her own or to learn from peers or you'll have bigger issues than her thinking she can wear her pad for weeks at a time. If you want your child to know something, teach her. Don't just expect her to know.

But... the pad box says how long you can use them. That’s how I learned (my mom thought buying me one book would be all the education I needed on it, so I had to figure a lot of stuff out by myself).

it's no one's responsibility to teach your child this type of stuff, except could you not? Make better choices. Educate your child.

You're her could you fail your child like this and then make it seem like you're the one that has a shitty life? You deserve it, grow up, do a better job raising your kid.

Well how's she supposed to know if nobody tells her? I knew because they used to tell us constantly in my health class

a lot of schools don't do much in the way of teaching reproductive health now a days, as parents(conservatives) think it will lead to teenagers having more sex, which will lead to more teenage pregnancies and more abortions. when in actuality, it have been proven that teens who get a more complete education about sex, instead of just being told "don't have sex", are less likely to have sex, or at least less likely to have unprotected sex. of course this is also the group of parents who still think being LGBT+ is NOT to be talked about as it turns kids homosexual, and makes them want to be transgender.

So, you're surprised that your daughter doesn't know how to handle issues concerning her menstrual cycle - even though you've never had any sort of discussion with her regarding her menstrual cycle? The fuck did you expect to happen, genius?