By Jem - New Zealand - Auckland
Today, I was fired for "blatant, inexcusable racism". My boss had asked me which website background I preferred for our company, and I said that white backgrounds are usually best. He thinks that I believe in white supremacy, and that's bad for the company's image. FML
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  Just_A_Tree  |  20

I'm offended that OP thinks white is a proper background for a website. Brighter color backgrounds distract from content, that is basic level marketing and advertising design. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING, OP?

  howard007  |  18

Why was e down voted so much? I agree if his boss misunderstands something and someone is fired due to it, it would be better off finding a different job.

By  KrustyKrab  |  18

Sometimes, I just don't understand the way people think. sorry you had to work with such an anal boss and even though it's tough to find a job, we wish you the best of luck OP!

  UO88  |  10

It has to do with the meaning of the word background. White background can be taken to mean the color of a wallpaper, or a person's ancestors.

  expertsmilee  |  26

How is what 15 said stupid? Background can refer to ones lineage...not that it applies in THIS situation, all 15 did was hit on that. Perhaps you are the one lacking comprehension.

  Marcella1016  |  31

Yep 15 was just answering 8's question...

Manager is an idiot, though, and I'm sorry OP got fired for it that sucks.

And white backgrounds are usually best for logos lol