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Today, I was awoken by my wife, once again. It seems that whenever I stop snoring, she thinks I died so she has to wake me to make sure I'm still living. She does this almost every night, every hour. FML
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Lack of sleep can cause the death of a person in various ways

Actually there's this thing called sleep apnea and it's when your heart stops in your sleep, that's one of the symptoms:/

You guys know it, but Chuck Norris doesn't know this. He never sleeps and gets his 8 hours of rest. So him not knowing sleep apnea is normal for him.

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Get one of those eye covering masks that people use to sleep with that say ' I'm Awake ' or the ones that have the picture of 2 eye balls wide open on them. She'll never bother you again. Problem solved.

21- Thank you for being the hypochondriac of the FML board. I think you for your service, however I HIGHLY doubt that man has sleep apnea.

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But then again she cares for you to keep checking up on you :-)

Thank* I will work harder to redeem my honor with my next post.

21- No dear. Your heart stopping in your sleep is a trip to DocBastard. Sleep apnea is when the airway in your throat is not fully open, causing you to lose oxygen. You gasp for air whilst you sleep and if severe enough, it will cause asphyxiation. That's why they wear masks on their faces. It pumps air into the throat. Loud snoring is a symptom. If you're going to scare someone, scare 'em right! ;)

No no, heart stopping in your sleep happens when KaySL loves you unconditionally. A trip to DocBastard is much, much, MUCH worse. It involves slow, painful toture.

47, you had me at tourture. Will you teach me more?

36, you don't know ANYTHING about op except that he snores and when he stops snoring, it worries his wife enough to wake him up. If you TRULY are a physician assistant, then why don't you recognize the classic symptom of sleep apnea?

What a total idiot! Tell her to stop. Crazy idea, I know, but just consider it.

I'm reading this at night and i'm afraid of going to sleep.. ****

Chuck Norris invented cheeseburgers... by throwing a cow at a chainlink fence... haha off topic but I thought it was a good opportunity.

Hell yeah I did^^ and # 20. I f***ing love you now.

Yes, and I know with time it must get on his nerves, but thats still one of the sweetest things Ive ever heard

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How do any of you get the needed amount of sleep? But still OP, at least you know she loves you.

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Do you snore that loud that she wakes up when she doesn't hear the airplane jet in her ear?

Yeah, but I think he would be happier if she had spent her nights sleeping rather than waking him. My dad had the same problem, it passed when he bought a water-pillow. Maybe it's a clue...

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As crazy as that is its still pretty sweet

Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy the day! :)

It's not crazy at all. Snoring is a sign of sleep apnea. Op might have sleep apnea. When he stops snoring, that may be a sign that he stops breathing briefly. If that's the case, his wife is worried and is waking him up to ensure he's okay. People with sleep apnea never know they have it. It takes someone else to notice something is wrong.

I came here to say the same. Your oxygen levels drop dangerously when you have sleep apnea. You can get brain damage and lice a shorter life if its not treated.

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OP may or may not have sleep apnea, there's no way to diagnose that on the internet. But if he hasn't been checked for it, maybe he should. If he does have it, he can get a CPAP and if he doesn't, then his wife can relax and leave him alone. It's a win/win. FWIW, my husband does have sleep apnea, and before he got diagnosed, I would wake up when the snoring stopped. You get so used to the sound, the lack of it is alarming. And I've had to wake him up after watching him not breathe for several seconds. It's much nicer now sleeping next to Darth Vader, because before it was like sleeping with the vacuum cleaner.

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Cause he can control it when he's sleeping...

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They COULD get a recording of snoring and play it all night, but then they have to sleep through it.

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it sucks but a least you know she cares enough to stay up all night just to make sure you are snoring.

Yes, he's posting this as a zombie. Now he will perform the Michael Jackson "Thriller" dance with Michael.

Shit, this is what happens when someone beats you by on minute. ****...

So If she does this every hour, does she like never sleep and just listen to you and watch you sleep?

Wow she actually WANTS you to snore?!

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I do that to my dog all the time!!! And I usually wake my boyfriend to stop him from snoring!

you are lucky someone loves you this much and that she feels comfortable with your snores.