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  torbey  |  23

How does online dating make OP lazy? If you are looking for a partner than why not look in a place where there are people also looking for the same thing? Chance meetings with your life partner don't often happen in real life, leave that for the movies.

  dragonkisses28  |  25

Wow #53, I bet you're all kinds of fun at parties. That's clearly the best way to boost someone's self esteem. OP, FYL. If you have the means to pay for membership on a dating site and that's something you would like to do, then you really don't need to ask your mom. That was a shitty thing for her to say.

By  JoshuahColins  |  19

Don't let it get to you OP. There's loads of people out there like you and if you keep your chin down instead of up, you'll never see when they're in front of you. So keep your chin up :)

By  btrag97  |  13

Well maybe she's just kidding, go give it a shot I know a lot of people who have found someone they like on those sites, just make sure it's eHarmony because they ranked number 1 in online marriages ;)

  cryssycakesx3  |  22

I did too. it's helpful so you know a little bit about the person before you decide to talk to them, you don't have to waste time figuring out if you're both looking for the same thing and all that good stuff.

By  sharklover2017  |  11

Aww I'm sorry don't listen to her. I say go for it. You never know who you may meet. You'll never know unless you try. People go on there to find someone worthy of dating, and I hope you do too. Good luck!