By Anonymous - 31/7/2021 00:01

Unsociable media

Today, I'm a social media manager, and a client complained about having to put forward her personality to gain followers, also refusing to promote her works personally on camera. She's an actress. FML
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By  Marcella1016  |  31

I’ve taken acting classes (for the stage) and always enjoyed it. It would be a fun way to make money if you made enough, and great to get recognition for your acting skills. I think I’d love being a professional actress - I just hate the idea of the fame that comes with it. I did not end up pursuing it because there are more sure-fire ways to earn money and acting is really hard to be successful on.

I can imagine there’s tons of people like me who pursued it even though they’re introverts or whatever and hate dealing with that other side of it. Ok fine I have to do interviews on tv or whatever. I get to sit there with my brain going crazy running a million miles a minute trying to be funny with the late-night talk show host to drum up interest for my movie. Fine. An incidental part that I do not like about a job that I love.

But now I have to whore myself on social media too? I have to try to write things that are funny and engaging and pretend to be interested in whatever is trending even if I couldn’t give a fuck? Oh I post daily so now I have to speak out on any major issue going on in the country or world and I’ll get called out if I don’t speak on it? I may have a nuanced position on something, and if my position doesn’t fit neatly into the black and white boxes that every complex issue in this complex world is now broken into, I’ll get accused of being “too woke,” out of touch, not speaking out enough, etc etc.?

Allllll that shit is super stressful. I get not wanting to do it. Maybe this actress just wants to do the bare minimum, enough to get by on social media but without making herself a target. Cut her a break and try to work within her comfort zone.

Yeah she’s an actress and “that’s what she signed up for” and she’s making money so why should she complain about anything and blah blah blah 🙄 but she has a right to be human who is facing an aspect she does not like about something she otherwise loves doing. See if you can work out a compromise.

  RichardPencil  |  30

I don't see the logic of people who make their living pretending to be other people sharing their real personalities. Makes no sense.

It's depressing to see actors who deliver lines with such intensity and smoothness get through a real-life interview with "likes" and "ums" and the speech patterns of ordinary people.