By voicelesspeasant
Today, weeks after I paid extra for faster shipping, I received confirmation that my paperwork for overseas voting has been received. Too bad the deadline in my state was yesterday. Thanks, Postal Service, for the consistency of your failures. FML
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  blackfire29  |  7

Hi: OP here. I found the receipt the post office here in Germany gave me, and I looked it up online so I know where to direct my anger; it made it to the US in just a couple of days, and then USPS dropped the ball. I swear, my name must be on a list of special people whose mail gets used to prop up wobbly tables in American post offices or something. This isn't the first time something like this has happened to me with mail service. I almost lost my first job abroad a few years ago because they messed up the delivery of my visa paperwork.

  xxDeeStar  |  27

OP, you should use your receipt and verification of delivery as proof to write a letter of appeal! This is a special case and they SHOULD be willing to look at it - regardless of the deadline.

Try it out!


Not voting is pretty much the worst case of abuse of a privilege. Women and minorities fought tooth and nail for this constitutional right. And in present day, certain groups in some countries are STILL denied the right to vote. Plus in general, to have a say in something so pivotal in one's country is not something to be taken for granted. Also yeah, if I could personally slap people who bitch about election results after not voting, I'd be on it like butter on toast. Talk about deserving it.

By  wow2mylife  |  25

almost happened to my dad but he was in the army it came in a day before the deadline and they did something for him I don't know what because I was 9 so if you overseas for army you can probably ask