Better out than in

By flying13 - 03/11/2010 07:27 - United States

Today, I was on a bench enjoying the sun, when a guy comes and sits next to me. Next thing I know, he lets out a loud fart, then looks my way with pride. I stare back in shock. He then says to me, "Yeah, that just happened," and walks off. FML
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haha, strangers who make you feel awkward are awesome.

bubbles baby


bubbles baby

sweet music from the toothless jaws of love

yea, it's not like he farted in your face. also known as a butt burp lmao

If I'd known it would offend you so much I wouldn't have came and farted. Then again, yeah, I would have anyway. Sorry.

More like an MLIA.

Reminds me of the time i farted in court, i tried to make it a SBD instead it was a 10 on the richter scale. needless to say everyone knew that "it happened"

seriously, maybe you are on one of those hidden camera shows now! Like Candid Camera or something.

Haters gonna hate

i wouldve laughed right there

That's nothing but funny.

People can be so rude! ...Reminds me of my dad, FML. T_T

reminds me of my mom fml!

i thought it was hilarious. not rude... it's not a worthy fml unless it was a really raunchy one

haha, strangers who make you feel awkward are awesome.

sweet music from the toothless jaws of love

That, my friend, was a win.

agreed my friend

seconded, my friend

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That guy is my hero. You should have gotten his number.

If your child suddenly disappears within the next few days, you'll know why.

Why? Because the child went to join the randomly-farting circus?

Trust me, my little girl can fart with the best of them. *sniff* She makes me so proud...

EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!! U should be happy he shared.

That sounds like something a comedian would do. There was probabily a hidden camera to catch your reaction. RUDE but FUNNY AS HE'LL !!!!!

Cowboy Joe - your iPhone auto-correct sabotaged you.