By Anonymous - 23/04/2016 02:22 - United States - Lawrenceville

Today, my boyfriend wrote me a love letter saying about how much he cares for me, how he'd die for me and how he wants to spend his life with me. What really took my breath away was the confession at the end about how he "accidentally" cheated on me with my best friend. FML
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He needs to man up and take responsibility for his actions. One cannot "accidentally" cheat on their significant other.

Uh oh spaghetti ohs


It's time to move on and find someone better OP, you deserve better!

Maybe he slipped on a banana and accidentally entered her repeatedly.

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I loathe comments like these. They add nothing to the post and are essentially useless comments made to get likes. Comments like these are almost as bad as the "omg that sucks" comments.

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Agreed partner

"Alright relax calm down and start breathing. Start breathing? You just caught this bitch cheating. While your at work she with some dude trying to get off? Fuck slitting her throat cut this bitches head off. What if there's an explanation for this shit? What? She tripped, fell, and landed on his dick?" Yea it's called "Guilty Conscience" with Dr Dre.

Love that song so much

Clearly he doesn't love you as much as he says

It started out as, "How is this an FML? Her boyfriend loves her." But yeah OP, FYL. One doesn't, "accidentally," cheat.

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only way i can think thats possible is if these things happen 1st u get shitfaced, 2nd your significant other has a identical twin thats into you, 3rd said twin is a good actor, and 4th the twin has the guts to trick u into sleeping with them. because the chances of that are extremely low i don't think that excuse is valid 99.9 repeated percent of the time. Her boyfriend is an asshat.

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You been readin way to much erotica breh

He needs to man up and take responsibility for his actions. One cannot "accidentally" cheat on their significant other.

Unless of course their SO has an identical twin that pretended to be them. It happens more often than you think. Jokes aside the guy is a scumbag.

I want to see you try admitting something like this to someone you love. At least he told her, he could have kept it a secret.

I'm thinking too much drink and he was taken advantage of by the best friend? That might count as accidental.

Lol how do you accidentally cheat? FYL, OP.

The girl just "accidently" fell on his penis which happened to be wrapped in a condom. Then she stood up again and fell again, and kept going for some time..

Time to have a serious talk with him. He doesn't love as much as he's saying apparently. words. I find that lighter fluid and matches speaks best in these situations.

Uh oh spaghetti ohs

Your comment made me laugh

Arby and the Chief?

How do you accidentally cheat? What, did she slip, trip and fall on his dick?

Soooo, "accidentally"dump that sorry ass?

I swear on every FML related to love there's that one comment that says the obvious answer is to dump them.. it's usually not as simple as that..

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i think it is. I mean he's a cheater, idk about u but if i was cheated on that person would be dead to me.

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#21 it is when the SO cheats. No excuse for cheaters, cut em off.

#21 it is, you wouldn't cheat on someone if our really love them.

I know this is an overused metaphor, but you don't just "accidentally" fall into a woman's vagina. Then back out. Then back in again...

Well if the vag is there open and say your walking around naked and you trip you could fall in