By FsuesLife - 05/03/2010 22:02 - United Kingdom

Today, there was a flood at my friends house. As a result, their cat shelter had to be evacuated, and my mother decided to help. I came home to 23 cats in my bedroom. I'm highly allergic. My face has now swollen up to the size of a football, and I have an important job interview tomorrow. FML
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yer, I'd like to confirm that its 'soccer' ball sized my Mum knew i was allergic, but didnt realise it was that bad to #28 the Kattery is outside, theres a flood, and cats cant swim... to #17 the cats were kept on the ground floor of the house only, the cats seemed to swarm to my nice comfy bedroom, out of preference compared to the bathroom, the empty living room (re-decorating) and the locked laundry room hope this clears up any confusion/fakery claims

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your mom's a retard if she forgot that you're allergic and she's an asshole if she remembered but didn't care...either way it's fail.

sucks for you. throw one of the cats at her.


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cats rule ur life now!! beware!!!

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steel the house keys nd kick her out

23 cats in just your room?!?! Did she put all of them in that one room or is the rest of the house that thickly populated?

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WTF? Wouldn't your mother know that you were highly allergic to cats? I am sensing a FakeML right about now.. So, YDI for being a joke, OP.

ur head is originally smaller than a football?

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fake. if not, fyl indeed cause your moms a bitch. next time, tell her to bring the cats to my place :D I don't think my 3 cats will like that though...

this is one where there is NO reason to click YDI. that's rare on here. sorry op. it was bad just after you mentioned 23 cats. but there was more...allergic reaction and a job interview with a ****** up head. FYL :/

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25- the OP probably means the width of his head is as wide as the width of a football

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How can you even see what your typing if your face has swollen up so bad

You must remember that football is a different thing in the UK, football is the equivalent to soccer.

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kill them all unless they are kittens

Show me a real picture of your swollen "football" face and I will show you my boobs.

and no stealing pictures off the Internet. I have my ways of finding out.

its just an early sign that you are someday destined to become a crazy cat lady with your 23 cats of whom you talk to and slowly start getting crazier, and crazier..

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boy, some girls are so crazy bout football, they'd even flash for a 'football face!'. can I have a peek? I'll send u a picture of a football.. :)

doesn't your own mother know your allergic?

so by important job interview, you mean for a cashier spot at mcdonalds?

Ugh. To all the people crying fake: I *wish* I could be that naive. There are LOTS of people out there who put animals' needs ahead of family's. My in-laws are like that, and living with them is hell. (No, I'm not lazy or a mooch-- I'm ******* recently disabled, so we needed a little help.)

Number 25 its because the OP is Stewie from Family Guy

your mom's a retard if she forgot that you're allergic and she's an asshole if she remembered but didn't care...either way it's fail.

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Actually it's opposite of the hangover but wateva

sucks for you. throw one of the cats at her.

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how can your mom not know your allergic?? this is fake...

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Inconsiderate of your mother. Unless your over 18 and then maybe she's trying to give you a hint that it is time to move out....

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did you try staying in the room until the rest of your body got huge. that way you would proportionalize

Find out what your mom is allergic to and sneak some of it into her food or shampoo.

Great idea! Put a cat, bee, or whatever she might be allergic to in her shampoo!

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haha! i LOVE kitten shampoo!