By anonymous - 25/02/2016 21:55 - United States

Today, my husband, who has been in a coma for 5 weeks, woke up. When I went to visit him, the first thing he did was try and continue the argument we had been having before he crashed the car. FML
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crazyindynathan 13

At least he doesn't have any memory problems...


Wow. Thank goodness that he didn't forget who you were!

crazyindynathan 13

At least he doesn't have any memory problems...

LittleRed79 39

On the bright side at least you know he doesn't have any brain damage.

ABlindMan 17

Not sure if trying to make a joke, or can't read...

Christ you people can not tell when it's a joke, it's impossible to miss the "any brain damage" part of that sentence.

you definitely deserve the best comment award LMFAO!

He had a lot of time to strengthen his side of the argument.

Persistence at its finest! Glad your husband is okay, OP.

Atleast his memory seems to be working! Be grateful for that atleast lol and be sure to finish that fight before you get back in the car.

sounds like the old me but if he loves his wife he needs to make some changes one day you're here the next day you're gone

pandainspandex 19

I don't think you need to explain to someone coming out of a five year coma the concept behind "one day you're here, the next day you're gone"...

I wouldn't complain about this one, brain trauma can be a very serious thing. it could have gone the complete opposite way and you would've wished that he still remembered the argument.

Some people just don't appreciate their luck...

GabbyPLluch88 13

I certainly believe he needs to win this one time after 5 weeks in coma... cheers he's got no damage!

skyeyez9 24

He should at the very least for their marriage's sake, forget the damn argument.

"The ticket I got last week notwithstanding, I think I'm a very good driver—stop telling me to keep my eyes on the road! Nothing bad is going to happen; I think I know how to drive a damn car!"

I also know my cars! How else could I tell these brakes are not working!