By scared-straight - 27/05/2013 04:05 - United States

Today, as I was lying on my bed with one of my arms hanging from the side, I felt something sniff my hand from underneath. I don't have any pets. FML
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Well, what was it!? You can't just leave us hanging!

You either have a ghost of a decease animal or you have a weird burglar.


You either have a ghost of a decease animal or you have a weird burglar.

'deceased' or 'decease' or simply 'dead', either way I don't think such an animal would be able to sniff anything.

Plot twist: the weird burglar released the ghost of his dead pet to distract you with writing FML's, and thusly rob you blind.

Hey guys have you ever seen paranormal activity? lol

The first thing I thought of when I read the fml was that urban legend story. About that weirdo who kills a girls dog then lays under her bed licking her hand, she thought it was her dog but flips out when she finds out it was some creepo.

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96- Omg! my sister told me that story when I was younger! It gave me nightmares for months!! I totally thought of the same thing when I read the FML though haha!

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Pretend your bed is a trampoline. That'll teach it

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Maybe the floor is just really attracted to you?

none of the above. just Jeff the Killer.

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OP must have a mouse/ rat problem

Well, what was it!? You can't just leave us hanging!

I hate FMLs like this because they never explain the good part. Was it a person? An animal? Did OP even end up checking under the bed? Or did they ignore it and hope it goes away? So many questions! :O

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@3 thank you, I can't decide what to press fyl or ydi

You might have rats, you should probably check it out

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time to buy some mouse traps

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I'm pretty sure you just touched one of the many lost items of fluffy mysteriousness under your bed.

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No worries, it's probably a worker from Monsters Inc, I hear they do comedy now.

Could it have been a vent? The feeling and sound of air blowing through could seem like an animal sniffing if you're half asleep.

Either A: You have a mouse/rat/rodent problem, B: A neighbors pet somehow got into your house and can't find its way out, or C(optional): You have a roommate or relative that you live with that has snuck a pet in without your knowledge. I would find out immediately, you don't want a UNCONTROLLABLE rodent problem. Take care of it now. :) Good luck.OP

Who knows, it could also have been a person who sniffed OP's hand. I'm sure we've all read of stranger things on FML.

Like the urban legend of the escaped mental patient who licks hands.