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  Codezlol  |  21

The first thing I thought of when I read the fml was that urban legend story. About that weirdo who kills a girls dog then lays under her bed licking her hand, she thought it was her dog but flips out when she finds out it was some creepo.

  Ameel_fml  |  19

I hate FMLs like this because they never explain the good part. Was it a person? An animal? Did OP even end up checking under the bed? Or did they ignore it and hope it goes away? So many questions! :O

By  Metallica36176  |  16

Either A: You have a mouse/rat/rodent problem, B: A neighbors pet somehow got into your house and can't find its way out, or C(optional): You have a roommate or relative that you live with that has snuck a pet in without your knowledge. I would find out immediately, you don't want a UNCONTROLLABLE rodent problem. Take care of it now. :) Good luck.OP