By anonymous - 01/11/2009 13:37 - France

Today, my dad called me for the first time in weeks. All he wanted to tell me was that Ashlee Simpson got fired from Melrose Place. Then he hung up. FML
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To be fair, thats awesome news.

he. probably used it as a reason to call u. that's cool that he thought of u. but he should go visit u instead.


I recently realized why saying "first" is a bad thing. You should probably just comment, and if you got first, favorite it.

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Does anyone understand how this is an FML?

It's an FML because the kid's dad doesn't want to talk to them and cares more about updating them about a celebrity getting fired.

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I'm guessing because this person doesnt want a gay dad...

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Maybe the dad just really, really loves Ashlee Simpson?

quit your bitchin OP, a phone works both ways so STFU.

To be fair, thats awesome news.

OMG? Ashlee Simpson got fired from Melrose Place?

Hey... I'm not first anymore FML.

They are not replacing her, also Auggie is fired too

he was drunk !

I wish I was American so I could understand this fully. Was she bad on this show or good?

To be honest; I have no idea. I just know that Ashlee Simpson has a bad reputation. And is someone that teenaged girls look up to. xD

Ashlee Simpson's face looks like a foot. Imagine the bottom side of a foot. Then look at her face. It's a perfect match.

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she go fired? mhm she did creep me out tho :o

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Cripes the woman can't sing and now she can't act either. How bad of an actor do you have to be to get fired from Melrose Place.