By ifunnybatman - 22/03/2016 04:03 - United States - Roswell

Today, after a DNA test and getting his sperm count checked, my husband still doesn't believe our son is his. He was kicked in the nuts several times as a child, something he believes has rendered him infertile. FML
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ifunnybatman tells us more.

My husband had actually wanted kids more than I did. We were together 5 years before marriage he had never mentioned this before and we didn't have unprotected sex until the night we were married. Our son is 4 and these accusations sprung up after he read some stupid mock article about how one blow to the jewels can completely ruin a guy. I actually considered him rather smart up until this point Lol. He tried to claim he was joking once all the test came back but I know he wasn't. He hasn't treated our son any different though thank God. Anyway sorry for the long reply anymore questions I'll try to answer them. TL;DR: Husband is an idiot tried to play it off like a joke didn't work.

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Studies show in 99.99% of cases, sex was the leading cause of children.

That's just a blatant excuse to not take responsibility for the child he made, too many fathers in this day and age do this and it's just sickening


Some people just can't be reasoned with

Maybe his son will be in the same situation in the years ahead and the dad will finally understand

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Like my mother ;-;

That's just a blatant excuse to not take responsibility for the child he made, too many fathers in this day and age do this and it's just sickening

It is not the fathers. Sometimes the mother withholds the child from the father, and the system lets her. You have to pay at least $20,000 if you are the father just to be able to see your child (let alone it costs more to have rights).

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They said many not all and in ops situation it sounds like the father doesn't want to take responsibility

Uhh #21 that's clearly not applicable to the situation of the FML. Sure some mothers are shitty, some fathers are shitty but this isn't the time or place to push your agenda.

@37 Unless it's an agenda in favor of woman. Then always is the right time.

#64. Nah. It's not. Nice try though. There's a time and place for everything. If the woman was like "the baby isn't mine" and some girl was bitching about how men are evil I'd have the exact same response.

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He may actually be dumb enough to think he's infertile, though. I have been told many times never to kick a guy in the balls because you can cause them to be infertile, so maybe OP's husband is seriously convinced that he cannot make children.

He's the type that shouldn't reproduce

I think he already did...

Too bad he already did… I guess we could still burn the father with fire so he can't produce more than he has already

14, that could technically be considered murder.

Details details Metal. lol

Is everyone aware that sex may lead to children?

Tell him to accept the fact that it's his or stay out of his and your life if he refuses to take care of him and treat him as such.

Studies show in 99.99% of cases, sex was the leading cause of children.

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And in the remaining 0,01%?

Or test tube babies, or artificial insemination.

I feel like artificial insemination at a sperm clinic is more that .1% maybe like .5%

The other 0.01% resulted in lawyers.

I grew in a potato field.

#9 rape could be one of the .01%

#63 That's still sex. /.-

Jesus being the 00.01%

The .01 percent is a little anomaly we call JESUS

But that .01? Aliens.

#61 Gaya was your womb when the sperm and egg of Momma and Pappa Potato collided in an explosion of starchy potato themed sex... Godspeed you magnificent bastard, you.

Hopefully your husband's idioticy doesn't pass on to your son.

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Didn't you hear him?! He's infertile!!!!

He's had his sperm checked. What kind of imbecile would still believe he was infertile after that proof? I'm afraid that's the definition of delusional...

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Not to mention the DNA test...

Maybe the guy has a reason not to trust OP... or maybe he thought he was infertile and had a bunch of unprotected sex before being married and has oodles of bastards running around out there.

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No wonder so many people have kicked him in the nuts.

He must be a special kind of stupid to find it more believable that his wife cheated on him rather than that being kicked in the nuts multiple times didn't actually make him infertile. Good luck with him.