By brentkd - 20/07/2010 16:34 - United States

Today, I found my lost iPhone earbuds. In the cat litter box. I am 100% sure that they passed through my cat to get there. FML
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ArtIsResistance7 1

That's shitty. Hey, at least Apple makes some solid headphones!

"hey, i can hear the ocean in my earbuds! no. wait. that's just my cat's digestive system."


ArtIsResistance7 1

That's shitty. Hey, at least Apple makes some solid headphones!

skullcandys are so much better. I haven't even taken the earbuds out of my iPhone 4 box.

OliviaNicole 5

Skullcandies aren't bad, but I'd take Sony earphones of iPhone earbuds everyday. this is kinda entertaining... Do they still work or are you too much of a pussy to try them?

skullcandy is unreal. the FMJ's have such good bass and sound.

no freaking way, the cat would be walking around the house with the cord hanging out it's ass, plus it would have to chew it pretty good just to try to swallow it

ninba20 0

couldn't the headphones just fell in the litter box... it happen to me before

Haha #10 you're punny xD. OP, either use them, or dish out $45 dollars for new ones xD.

7-skullcandy's r terrible headphones. audiotechnica's n sennheiser's r much much better

Bose make the best headphone EVAR!!! 

F your cats life.

there's an app for that?

Trupe 3

Skullcandy > all competition

what?! just jailbreak your iphone, get a wodget to make the volume 200% and there you go u wont need headphones

RachelTheLoser 0

do the headphones still work?

msyelowbubblegum 0

what you doing lookin thru ur cats shit????

FYL_hardd 0

52 - How else are you supposed to clean a litterbox?

that the need better grammar. and skullcandies are better than apple or sony. but the gummy headphones top em all :D

MhP_fml 0


Generalx3 0

I thought that the stories all get edited before being posted... 'The they...' makes no sense.

StopB1tchingYDI 0

apples headphones are great exept the bendy part that wraps around the outlet thingy always rips

YOU ALL FAIL!! dollar store headphones are the best!!

28 is correct. However, they are not the best when someone leaves the door to your room open and your incredibly springy dog jumps on your bed and chews them up.

64 - I know a kid who steals earbuds from the dollar store. He's in safe school now.

ydi for having a cat kick that useless shit get a dog

Zurk 0


That "Brown Sound" shore do git a 'round.

skullcandies feel like ear dildoes.

I prefer Icemataudios myself. Amazing sound quality.

skullcandys are good quality, until they blow out. i got the skullcandy skullcrushers, and within the first 2 weeks the left speaker ha blown out. i now use the beats by dr dre, THOSE beat all competition.

umm... no. a cat wouldn't eat them. anyone with a cat knows that string like objects are viewed as toys, and will be dragged round the house.

28 - agreed with 26. All bose does is say they have the best headphones. Take a look at sennheiser, AKG, audio-technica, bowers & wilkins, westone... The list goes on. You'll be surprised.

Eew, what the hell? How can you be so sure?

thesunsetglow_fml 8

maybe they were wrapped in a turd :)

Hmm... maybe because cats go poo in the litter box... -2

"hey, i can hear the ocean in my earbuds! no. wait. that's just my cat's digestive system."

haha I see what you did there ^^

F your cat's life: that had to hurt coming out. :(

mcgonagle 0

hahahahahaha. nice.

txgirl2013 14

eww what else is in your cat?

Do they still work? :D

o_O Just don't check if they still work, mmkay?

exiie 0


y my comment not there

a pussy ate ur earbuds?