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Today, I got married. My husband and I had been waiting until marriage to have sex, and when the time came, we started to undress. As I took my bra off, his eyes glazed over, and he fainted. An hour later, all he could say was, "I don't think we're meant to be together." FML
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ApollosMyth 22

Wow, that is very shallow of him.

flashback.miss 28

sounds like you married a boy, not a man. but, on the other hand it could be nerves, talk to him. hopefully he was joking...


ApollosMyth 22

Wow, that is very shallow of him.

Maybe he was just overwhelmed by everything or unsure and hoping sex would help resolve his issues? Either way, he did not approach this in the correct manner.

Am I the only person here who thinks he fainted at the awesomeness of boobs, and thought it wouldn't work because he couldn't handle the awesomeness of said bewbs?

30, Would YOU ever tell someone it wouldn't work because a part of their body was actually "too awesome"? I think most would say JACKPOT!

32- yes, that's actually how I broke up with my last girlfriend.

41, I feel like I need more details to understand this...

tjv3 10

That sucks OP. your new husband sounds like a superficial wiener . I'm with 32 I want to know the details too.

32- it would definitely be a difficult dilemma, I mean they're awesome, but too awesome to handle, but they're too awesome to walk away from, but they're too awesome to stay with PARADOXENCOUNTERED/ERRORCODE: 658637857/c7584 SYSTEMFAILURE

I mean this may be me - but I feel as though just the context of the words "I don't think we were meant to be together" could mean that he just felt she was too attractive for him. I felt the same way when me and my girlfriend got together. I felt like I held her back. Just my opinion though!:)

My understanding is that he fainted after seeing her naked, either for superficial reasons or just because he was nervous, and he took the fainting as a sign that they're not "destined" to be together.

Always take your car for a test drive before you buy it. Always know what you're buying if you're signing into a lifetime contract. Permanent decisions require thorough research..!(;

Am I the only person here who thinks that maybe he realized that he's gay?

rockaroths 15

@175 That was the first thing that came into my head when I read this.

My assumption is that he may have just discovered he is gay. It's quite OK to be gay or straight, but after you just got married is a hell of a time to figure that out.

You're not shallow for having preferences.

172, let's be best friends?

You´ve just made my day!

I would have followed it up with "Those beauties are going to kill me with joy." and probably groped them... Then got smacked..

AnthonyWheeler15 24

Did you smack em?

I feel like he fainted from being nervous (although that doesn't explain how he thinks they aren't meant to be together) because I don't think it's possible to faint from seeing something you're not attracted to. Also, if OP has small boobs (once again, how do you faint from that?!), even if they did wait until marriage, you can usually tell someone's boob size from looking at them clothed. Hopefully OP comments.

I'm confused. When you said "smack'em", were you referring to her husband or her boobs?

I think it was probably more about having to live with her body for the rest of his life... Most likely bc he was unattracted or possibly gay lol

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Their marriage, their choices.

But this is what they were obviously going to end up with. I honestly saw waited until marriage and clicked ydi. Of course something like this will happen

A lot of religions wait for marriage to have sex, and seeing the other naked included sometimes.

Why? Generally, unless ones' intention is to have sex, they don't get naked in front of each other.

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It's not uncommon for religious couples who choose to wait until marriage to also hold off on living together for this exact reason, among others.

skulskinator 5

Regardless of whether it was for religious reasons or not, #3 you just completely missed the boat on them WAITING FOR MARRIAGE FOR SEX TO BE NAKED

Everyone's down-voting #3, but you have to admit that his solution would have prevented the original FML quite completely!

It's true about religion. But not always... My ex was religious but still a huge perv!

#26, I fail to understand your comment. Are we to presume that because you may live with your soon to be fiancé/fiancée that you must undress in front of each other on a daily basis? Maybe they didn't believe in defiling what was to happen on their special day. Some couples believe in abstinence and don't want to partake in any sort of sexual activity until married. Just a thought though...

And if you choose to do that, you run the risk of marrying someone you're not sexually compatible with.

I agree with number 3 all the people who down voted probability believe the same load of shit

110 - That is not a risk I am willing to take. Because that's how you end up married to a guy who is into weird kinky stuff but didn't know it, and suddenly he's walking around in an adult diaper or your underwear. No. Thanks. I want someone who knows what they want out of sex, is comfortable with their sexual identity, and I just can't see how people can really guess what their kinks are before ever having sex - with each other or other people. Sex is too important to a lasting relationship to make it worth waiting for just out of some sense of purity, for me. Bad sex is 90% of why a bad relationship is bad. Good sex is 10% of why a good relationship is good. You want to be having good sex. Less stressful.

I'm with number #3

I agree 100%, 147. Sex is not everything in a relationship. You don't have to have sex to know you're in love.

You're a pig

Sure its their choice, but it probably wasn't a very smart one. Marrying someone is a commitment to be together forever. Why promise someone that you will live in the same house as them, sleep in the same bed, and share almost everything without ever having lived together, seen each other nude, or had sex? After all, you plan on doing all those three things with them until you die, so why decide you want to do that with someone forever if you've never done it before?

AntiPrude 26

Totally agree, OP COMPLETELY deserves this. Lets be real, we all get one, short life, you have to be pretty stupid to throw away natures best gift, unless you're just using 'abstinence' as an excuse for what you can't get anyway, which a lot of the people who practice it are doing. IMO, you have to be socially retarded to even consider 'abstinence'.

AntiPrude 26

@246 Do you really have to resort to petty personal insults because you can't think of a logical set of reasons support your side of the argument? Thanks for proving my point :)

AntiPrude 26

1. Making a statement that different people have different opinions is not point for an argument, so I'll just ignore that. 2. I'm all for everyone having the right to believe in what they want, except of course when people try to force it on others or put influence on politics, but I'm not going to accept religion for a reason for someone being abstinent, its a cop-out answer, and I refuse to believe that someone would be a prude because they think some almighty vengeful sky wizard will burn and torture them for eternity if they succumb to the urges and biological drive that he supposedly gave them in the in the first place. 3. Thats pretty much the same as your first comment. Please don't chant one-liners that you heard elsewhere, you sound like a Fox News anchor or an anti-choice person. 4. That, is your first logical point. True. I guess its hard to understand for someone who has a normal sex drive. 5. "Just cause" is not a real reason. Continue, if you wish..

Some people also don't live with their partners before marriage lol. So yeah.

flashback.miss 28

sounds like you married a boy, not a man. but, on the other hand it could be nerves, talk to him. hopefully he was joking...

Change your dp.

alliewillie 22

If only there were a button for that.

threer 30


jojimugo 20

Calm down 204 ... Dammm

littlexlune 16

It's probably just nerves. Hopefully, you warm up to each other!

Hey now you can tell people that your body makes people faint from pleasure

onorexveritas 23

apparently reality wasn't the same as imagination.

You look so good that he fainted and realized that u too good for him!

Push up bras w/ all the extra padding are false advertisement!

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I think she has small boobs. Read the FML again buddy.

Or he's extremely nervous?

What a stupid question to ask. Anyway OP; Hopefully nerves just got the better of him.

Why would it be a problem having small boobs? All you need is a mouthful. Bazinga!

You're, right, #13. He could have been nervous. In which case the answer is none of the above for #8. Although the fact that most everyone is ignoring is the possibility that Op's husband is an inconsiderate asshole who needs to grow up before he gets married. I'm sure Op likes women, #8, and Op could potentially have small boobs, which is perfectly okay.

#41, I'm probably stupid for this, but I always assume the best case scenario.

I would agree plus I don't believe there is such a thing. He just must be a loser.

I don't think he fainted because he didn't like what he saw. It's probably just nerves. Comfort him, ease into sex.

kayteakay 26

I agree. Too much, too fast can be scary while being exciting.

aww I'm sorry you deserve better!