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Today, I learned that my mother now refuses to drink anything but bottled water because she actually believes that the government is putting a chemical in tap water that lowers pregnancy rates. She is trying for her 5th child. FML
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Well they do put Fluoride in the water which is a neural toxin (IE kills brain cells). Why do you think toothpaste says if swallowed contact poison control?


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Yeah it isn't regulated at all. Pretty sure there was a big study that took random samples of bottled water around the country and something like 1/3 of them had high levels of toxins. Don't have a source at the moment though.

Yeah, they run a lot of extensive tests on tap water, but bottled water, not so much. Plus most bottled water is just tap water so...

Take a look at Dansai water. They got investigated about 3 yrs ago and they found it was actually dirtier than regular tap water but they did add a little bit of minerals just to make it taste like purified water.

Anythings is better than the tap water where I life. I have to get all my water trucked in because of the amount of diesel in the water supply.

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but i love bottled water :(

Cleanest Bottled Water I have found is Ethos and Fiji.. They are the only brands of water that have no taste to me. They rest make me want to vomit.

Taste doesn't matter in cleanliness; Dasani adds minerals to their water to make it taste better, but that doesn't change its cleanliness.

So true. The BPA in the bottles has been thought to cause infertility, among other things. And think of the negative impact your mother is having on the environment. She'd be better off with a water filter and a reusable water bottle.

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Unless you are in j_cat's situation, there really is no need for bottled water. Why pay a couple of bucks for that?!?

tell her I said good luck with that mate

I would try to filter that water but for the wrong reasons. Free fuel!

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I can't drink tap water or it'll make me throw up. I don't honestly care what's in the water as long as it tastes good. We're all going to die one day and there's a study somewhere saying every little thing will kill us so there's no point in avoiding everything out there. I have tried to filter my own water and it still tastes bad so I'll just keep going through a 24 pack a week. At least I recycle the bottles.

So we concluded that bottled water creates infertility. Let's give OPs mother as much of it as possible then.

The fda has one person whose in charge of checking on all the bottled water in the u.s.and she does other stuff on top of that. Tap water is regulated by each state in each city.

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Bottled water also has plastic coating chemicals on the inside of the plastic that are horrible for being pregnant/your baby

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Speaking of which, I read once that some bottled water companies get their water from the city water supply, and just put it in pretty little bottles. Add to that the toxins in plastic, and there really isn't any reason to buy it unless you're going somewhere that you can't/shouldn't drink the water

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...unless you can't stand the taste of the water out of the tap. For whatever reason, some bottled water brands taste way better than what comes out of the faucet. So it's either drink the bottled water or don't drink any water at all for some people, and since you kind of need to drink water to survive, that leaves you with the bottles.

If your old enough to post this your mother doesn't need another child

Well they do put Fluoride in the water which is a neural toxin (IE kills brain cells). Why do you think toothpaste says if swallowed contact poison control?

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Well, that explains why she thinks the way she does.

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Exactly , if you look at what flouride does to your body especialy your brain you'd be shocked . **** the govt' and the iliuminati !

But don't you need to drink a truck load of water to get enough fluoride from the water in you for it to be harmful? I'm not an expert or anything, just wondering.

HI was going to say this #4. Well done.

Ugh. Doesn't it drive you nuts that we rely on specialists such as doctors, scientists, the FDA, who know what is harmful or not, to make the right descisions about what goes in our food, water and medicine. And they can completely screw us over and we don't know any better until it's too late! Take gluten, MSG and other stuff for example, it's in all our food and they're now saying it's bad and people are getting sick from it. You couldn't find bread like our ancestors had, or that they had even just 80 years ago, if you tried! We put our trust in them because of their expertise! So frusterating!

And yet 80 years ago the average life expectancy was higher. Oh wait it wasn't. While I admit scientists make mistakes you cannot be perfect every time. Lots of things don't show up in tests rather it takes a period of studying over a very long time. People want results now in the new idea of modernization and immediate gratification. It's this line of thinking that pisses me off in my line of work. Just because something can be harmful in a significant amount doesn't mean it is harmful in small doses. In fact, they can have benefits. Do you know what benefits fluoride has? Look it up.

50 - yes fluoride has some great benefits, but it is not intended to be ingested. 37 - Texas has deemed it toxic levels and have seen stopped the practice of adding fluoride to their drinking water. They are the only state to do this. You'll have to judge for yourself from here.

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KaySL, I think I may have discovered that lately you've become a pain in the ass, the only times I've seen you comment is to correct someone, or like. Yes people do make mistakes. No one is perfect and keep in mind, it is late and if the only thing you have to gripe about is grammatical errors you need to get out more. Just a friendly observation.

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49, you are right, there are so many things in our food that should never be considered safe for human consumption. If you are concerned about the what is in the food/drinks you consume you have to educate yourselves. Almost every "scientific government test" is run by corporate America . Follow the money, you will be surprised how quickly our "best interests" are sold out.

Ever notice that the municipalities that do not use fluoride in the tap water (a few really backwater places in West Virginia, Mississippi, and so on) have the highest percentage of the population with no teeth and some of the lowest graduation rates?

The fluoridation of water is a mass conspiracy meant to sicken and weaken us! Also, the US never landed on the moon, your government covered up aliens landing in Roswell in 1947, and Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster are hiding Elvis in their cave.

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You lessen my faith in humanity just that little bit more...

But Fluoride isn't toxic in low amounts. The amount in water isn't substantial.

As a paranoid schizophrenic conspiracy theorist I'm getting hard with all this talk about government, fluoride, tin foil hats.... Love it.

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You do need a lot but it builds up faster than your system can clear it, plus people get most of their fluoride through their pores during showers and such.

Everyone saying fluoride in water kills brain cells or is toxic is just fear mongering. An Australian study was just released that collected data over the course of more than 40 years and they found that at the concentration that fluoride is added to water, there are no adverse effects. It does however decrease the cavity and tooth decay rate by 40%. Claims that fluoride is dangerous in water and just as baseless and stupid as the claim that vaccines cause autism. There is no evidence to support that it is a harmful practice in any way

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It's not the government, it's the Illuminati a.k.a walmart, shhh we must be quite or they'll send their gnome soldiers to silence us permanently. *hides under tin foil hat and crawls back into cave*.

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I want to like your response, but that picture of yours looks like the side of a serial killer's van!

So you're the one who stole my van... Hmm?

66 - That man in YOUR picture looks like a serial killer! D8 But seriously, get real.

Walmart?? Am I missing something here?

Actually tin foil hats are quite beneficial against radio waves, microwave radiation (same thing?), and many other kinds of harmful rays in the atmosphere. But really the only reason I wear one is so that people can't read my mind. Remember, shiny side out.

Only thing I know of in our tap water is Fluoride. There may be more, who knows? Our Government denies everything and keeps it all a secret now a days.

Now a days? I think you mean always have and always will. In regards to secrets, that is.

I'm confused as to how someone could actually NOT believe in at least one conspiracy. Look at Bohemian Grove or Bildeburg, those were dismissed but then exposed as true year later. And there are some sickeningly obvious lies being spread by the government about the 2012 elections, and even a few months ago we had them lying about Occupy protesters' motives to the public. Sorry to tell you, the government isn't always right.

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They've found hormones and other stuff in the water. Lots of people flush pills to get rid of them then all that stuff ends up in the water.

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Dude, you sound really old when you talk like that.

#91, you cite "reasons for believing in some conspiracy theories", by listing a conspiracy theory??? You might as well say "You should believe in some conspiracy theories! I mean cmon, look at the "Moon landing!". Bildeburg and Bohemian Grove are harmless, unless you're a conspiracy nut.

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At least you didn't end up like her.

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Not until she drinks the bottled water anyways...

No you'd actually be surprised. Look up the Bildeburg company

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Idk about your government but my government loves me. That's why they increase gas prices yay!!

Yes because our government controls supply and demand...

Yea! Because the government owns ALL the oil companies, and tells all the commodities traders worldwide in all exchanges exactly what to do! Oh wait, that is not true?

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Actually the government can control demand through government spending and fiscal policy and they can to a degree control supply though taxation and regulations on specific goods. Yay macroeconomics.

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He's a ******* soldier. Do u think he killed people or not?! Really ur a fucktard and besides that he said not to ask him that. (also he is trained to KILL people so u should watch ur ass)

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I see no problem with having a fifth child, as long as she can support it.

So does direct sun light.. Oh and direct moon light... Also air...

Doh that was supposed to be a comment on #13... I fail at replying... Must be time to sleep.

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There are problems with having too many kids. There's a reason why 2-3 kids is average. I'm not saying don't have kids just not too much. Since her mom is going for a 5th kid I'm also guessing the mother is not in her 30s-40s. You really shouldn't have kids when you are older than 40 because of the defects... It's the mom's choice to have kids, but it's the kid's life that could be damaged.

I have 4 kids myself, my oldest is 14 (definitely old enough to write an FML) and I'm not 40, no where close in fact. Also having more kids is helping because of the tax system. Many people are not having 2-3 kids they are having 0-1 kids. Provided the mother and father teach their kids to be upstanding citizens and not a drain on the welfare system, having more kids is actually beneficial to the economy.

My mom has 12 and is trying for 13 now. She's 37 and my dad is 41. People always just have to voice their opinion...

And this is why overpopulation is a problem.