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Today, at a quiet restaurant, my stepdad loudly told me he hopes in the future they have "hover caskets" so he doesn't have to carry my "fat ass" to the grave. All because I didn't want a side salad. FML
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jarkleflob tells us more.

Thank you all for the support! I would've never thought that this would get published. I first wanted to point out that we were on vacation out of state, very expensive vacation with a very expensive meal. Although that doesn't excuse his remarks/actions, I can see why he was in a bad mood. We had a pretty tense "vacation", there were a lot of people everywhere, foreigners that couldn't speak English, and a lot of things that my parents aren't open minded towards. I constantly have to remind my parents that "there is nothing you can do about it so don't worry about it". The comments you guys left were hilarious and I'm thankful for the ideas you gave - even if it wasn't the most serious.

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If he calls you fat again, eat him as well.

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Did you at least order a diet coke?


CliffyB03 28

Did you at least order a diet coke?

Eat your food with no shame Op. I hope you enjoined your meal!

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Mm-mmm~ oh yess, berry enjoinable!!!

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#30 haha nice one... I enjoined it

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Interesting how OP's stepdad acts as if OP will die before he does. Scum of the earth.

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Yes do eat all of and enjoy your meal, then lick the plate and grin at him.

At least you didn't inherit his asshole genes.

At least the OP isn't related by blood (i.e., did not inherit his genes) to this guy (i.e., his stepdad).

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It'd be a shame to bury a casket that can hover.

I expect that could be problematic too, the casket would keep trying to hover out of the hole!

They won't bury them. The hover caskets would fly up into the stratosphere and form airborne cemeteries.

But then how will we ever see them? :(

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