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Having a child is basically like having another parrot

why would your friend even teach his parrot to say that word?


why would your friend even teach his parrot to say that word?

Who said the friend even taught him that? The bird could have had a previous owner that taught it foul words, or even heard it when the tv was on and just started repeating it.

Because there's nothing funnier than a foul mouthed, cussing parrot. How else would you wear an eye patch and pretend you're a pirate if your parrot can't cuss?

Parrots have to be taught words they can't just hear it and start saying it

The real question is, who wouldnt?

If a word or phrase is said in a manner that makes an impression on the parrot and that parrot is an African Gray it takes 1 time for it to learn the word. That is why our African Gray says "Damn it Henri".

Yeah they can

Having a child is basically like having another parrot

Why did the parrot even know the word slut in the first place?

The same way parrots can pick up any other word. T.V., radio, people, etc.

Why is it that the husband always gets blamed? Down with sexism! Up with Masculinism!

What's this got to do with sexism? It's whether the parrot had taught the word to the child, or the husband did. Unless the parrot's a female human being, then I'm missing something her, lol.

Yes! Because, like all things, this issue roots back to sexism solely! No other factors at play here. None at all! *sarcasm*

Why don't people know when I'm joking? =(

Haha, sorry! I take back what I said :)

Because sadly, there are a lot of people that would say that sort of thing seriously.

Why didn't your friend teach it something useful like; "Help! He turned me into a parrot!"

Get your own back. Teach the parrot worse words

That would be a bad idea with a 3-year old around to overhear and repeat them as well

Parrot and child 1 Parents 0 Telling your friend what happen: priceless

Tell her that the parrot is really saying "salt", but it has a thick accent.

plot twist: this is the same op from the post before this and this is why his wife is kicking him out

Kind of funny- my brothers parrot talks with a Lisp.. And sounds just like his wife..