By Anonymous - Germany - Munich
Today, I have to look after my best friend's parrot for a few days. One minute out of the room, I came back in to find out that the parrot had taught my three-year-old the word "slut". Now the two won't stop screaming "slut" throughout the whole house. My wife thinks both learned the word from me. FML
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  MDoremis  |  38

Who said the friend even taught him that? The bird could have had a previous owner that taught it foul words, or even heard it when the tv was on and just started repeating it.

  chuka81  |  27

Because there's nothing funnier than a foul mouthed, cussing parrot. How else would you wear an eye patch and pretend you're a pirate if your parrot can't cuss?

  janfleury  |  19

If a word or phrase is said in a manner that makes an impression on the parrot and that parrot is an African Gray it takes 1 time for it to learn the word. That is why our African Gray says "Damn it Henri".

  thatweirdasian  |  22

What's this got to do with sexism? It's whether the parrot had taught the word to the child, or the husband did. Unless the parrot's a female human being, then I'm missing something her, lol.