By Collin / Thursday 10 June 2010 19:59 / United States
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  lavaga  |  0

ya there is nothing like a nice butt.. I hate stick figures with absolutly no curves.

Thank god I'm thin but have a good butt and boobs. I would hate to be a stick figure with the bod of a 12 year old all my life

  rawrcupcakesz  |  0

Ranfis it's okay I guess

Kevin I am already outside your house let me in.

145- My butt belongs to my husbands and wifeys from here sorry.

148- What part of California? And nah you come and vist me.

  rallets  |  22

yea, those things help as well haha :D

also, did you get your mouth makeup from nightmare before christmas and your eye makeup from a clockwork orange? just wondering

  TokioxxHotel  |  0

184- well hopefully they're smarter now.

185- yeah, I hope they help.
I got the stitches from Andy Sixx, singer for Black Veil Brides. :) The eye makeup was a spinoff of one of the band member's makeup. I don't know where they got the idea. :p

  TokioxxHotel  |  0

197- thank you. :)

198- yeah, let's see.

199- it better be!

200- lolololol.

219- oh thank you! I hope I go pro. :) I'll gladly give most of them to you!

220- lolololololol!

230- lololol rose. then what is it?

  rawrcupcakesz  |  0

wifey it's a hair product that looks like a dildo. but yeah my dildo is yellow so I wouldn't put my dildo on here lol jk

Ranfis thanks but I had this picture before. I took this one on Sunday.

  illmatic2  |  16

Rose your not fat. I'm sure everybody agrees with me.

nah sanchez it wasn't in the pool. I don't feel like explaining it but let's just say that I'm a wrestler and I had to wrestle the heavyweights one day and I only weigh 125 pounds.

  RaIeigh  |  0

Nah Rose you actually aren't, and I'd advise you stop listening to people that say otherwise. The chicks on this site that say you're fat are obviously afraid of curves because they don't have any themselves.

  RaIeigh  |  0

Nah kidsanchez, it's these sickly looking stick chicks that try to tell her she looks fat, mostly. The funny thing is, Rose is a whole lot better looking than any of the people that try to call her fat or slutty or whatever.

  Ms_Jessie22  |  8

^What RaRa said. Rose, you are absolutely gorgeous and not fat in the least bit. You're just curvy in all the right places. Luckyy :)

And also, I know I'm kind of late on this but that is BedHead in Rose's hand not a dildo. I have that same styling product it's like wax stuff.

  mksheep  |  0

that's not that bad, I snapped mine 3 times, I broke it getting thrown up against a wall, seccond time I ate shit skating down the board walk ramp at Torrance brace. and my friend pushed me off a bench for thee third time... it's not the end of the world.

  TokioxxHotel  |  0

305- hahaha thanks. :) you're very cute. :D

312- I've got my eyebrow, tongue, left side and middle of my lip, ears(gauged to fit a straw through), second hole on my right ear, helix on my left ear, and my belly button.
I used to have my tongue done 3 times and spider bites on the left side of my lip, but I took them out.

  rallets  |  22

lol np #317 :P you too :D

im curious about the other rose. i used to talk to her, can someone tell me what happened? i should really comment more lol

  TokioxxHotel  |  0

318- sorry we provide our own entertainment.

320- I love mine. :) I have cute tunnels for them. :p

321- getting the other side of my lip soon and piercing my ear again. :)

322- digging the facial hair. that's a first for me. XD

  Giorgio272  |  2

should of yelled hey fatty boom bom him. then compeltly crushed his balls with a garlic crusher. fucking fat fucks. they should all burn in hell while being molested by Satan.

  Lee002  |  8

I always thought tokio was a guy too...maybe it's the short hair and inability to see huge amounts of cleavage (though at least it means ur not a whore)

  TokioxxHotel  |  0

53/59- I'm a dude. I've got a huge dick. and huge balls. and giant tits. best if both world. /sarcasm. I'm a girl.

61- I obviously have a vagina. tits come with that, ya know.

63/64- you've won the prize in this week's "guess the gender" competition! lololol. :D

66- I laughed my ass off. XD

Rose- ily wifey!

90- thanks. :p

112- _____________

122- I know, right?

124- I know. it's pretty annoying.

146- it's cool. atleast you aren't an ass about. and yeah, I really don't like flashing my titties to the Internet. js.

213- awe thanks. :) I love doing makeup! :D

216- thank you for defending me haha.

280- thread jacker! just kidding. :p I like your hair. :p

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Is Burl Coat Factory really going out of business? Was there anything good left? These kids outgrew everything! And Georgie bagged up some of Q's stuff today. What size is Bing?

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