By Collin - 10/06/2010 19:59 - United States

Today, I was at a public pool. A very fat kid yelled, "Cannon Ball!" He jumped right on me. FML
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itz_towelie 6

you got to be carefull when fat people are dealing with their arch nemesis gravity.

Erm, YDI for looking like water? Lawsuit! Trolling doesn't suit me. OP, when you hear someone at a pool shout "Cannonball" GTFO! Bad things are about to happen. FYL


bobtheassassin 0

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101393101393 0

shittt. I thought I was first for once. :(

Averizzle 0

Someone must of thrown in a Twinkie.. Twinkies are a very powerful weapon and should be used with caution..

FTC_Socialist 3

At least there was some cushion. Just sayin, could have been alot worse. fyl, get better soon.

lonesomeXheartbr 0

FYL! I've had one if those before. wasn't too fun. I tried to dive onto a mattress lol ahhh.. *sigh* Tokio, you shouldve put a few less "aha's" then maybe you wouldve had it

Don't get in the way of a lil' fatties cannonball. :D

kidsanchez1 4

well you should of moved he did say Cannon ball

eazyeeze 0

YDI! You're supposed to swim away when someone yells that, especially if it's a whale coming down.

is that kid a downer :S

TaylorTotsYumm 10


you_and_me_fml 8

aww that suckss :( fat kids.. taking over the world

UFO for not having an anti-fat kid suit. Honestly, who DOESN'T have one these days.

FTC_Socialist 3

Unidentifiable Fat Object?

scrapytiger3 0


13- true that. 37- epic win.

MissRachieee 3

Fat people suck. 

rawrcupcakesz 0

OP I told you I was sorry. You should of just moved out my way. I can't even swim

rallets 22

lmao rawr youre not fat :D

kidsanchez1 4

why is every ones comments getting negative votes? lol rose

Hey 51! You should put those things away. Wait a minute,let's see more.

rawrcupcakesz 0

yes I am Kevin. and I am happy to see you came back on FML. what kid? I forgot your name again

kidsanchez1 4

Rose, my name is Ranfis if you were talking to me and by all your pictures you don't look fat

rallets 22

i dont think you are :) ooh thanx :D lol

rawrcupcakesz 0

Ranfis well thank you but I am fat. Kevin I miss you!!! lol

I wish you didn't use the word fat so much, it makes me feel obese being 7 1/2 stone xP

rallets 22

aww i miss you too!! :D lol

acalvit97 0

fat people are allowed in public?

fat people r awesome!! my dog is fat!! :D

kidsanchez1 4

Rose I'm going to have to go see an eye doctor because i see no fat person on your pics

rawrcupcakesz 0

Kevin I miss you more. ranfis I am 150lb and 5'2 <- or depends how I have my hair lol.

kidsanchez1 4

Rose, its not nice to lie about being fat

lonesomeXheartbr 0

rawr what are you eating? can I have some?

lonesomeXheartbr 0

I'll give you some of this microphone I'm eating

MrCalves 1

ydi for going to a public pool

lonesomeXheartbr 0

96 why yes, yes it is :] I'm seeing emarosa June 26th!

autumn16 0

fat people make me giggle (: hehe I'm 5" and 104 pounds.. wait is that fat?

rawrcupcakesz 0

Ranfis I am not lying. Do you want me to take a picture of me on a scale? 104- you want some hair product?

*sigh* fat people...

lonesomeXheartbr 0

is that what that is? I don't think you're supposed to eat that

kidsanchez1 4

Rose, if it says that its most likely broken or there is some magic which makes you look skinny but weight a ton

rallets 22

i miss you more too :D im sure youre not fat :)

autumn16 0

soo 85 is hott (:

rawrcupcakesz 0

115- But it smells good!! Ranfis I am thick. and have a big boobs lol. Kevin I lost your number:( PM me it.

kidsanchez1 4

Rose, one of those 2 things i see and everyone else also I'm pretty sure i know what thick is

lmfaoooooooooo @ ur main pic!!!!!! melo's my favorite player but that pic is priceless

rawrcupcakesz 0

114- That is my pussy. Fuck off!! Ranfis, I don't know then. I did just tell you the truth that is how much I weight when I go to the doctors.

omgg yur from nj toooooooooo(266473819;!,$:$-&.&(&3$,7,8;[email protected],@,!/$.

kidsanchez1 4

Rose, well i still wont believe it till i see it and even if i see it it still will be hard for me to believe it

rallets 22

rooooooose lol :O im just bored haha you cant be that much

rawrcupcakesz 0

129- No sorry I am from California lol you sounded like a girl when I read your comment. Ranfis I am down to vist you. You live in NY, right?

kidsanchez1 4

yea NYC

rallets 22

come visit me :D

rawrcupcakesz 0

Ranfis, I might vist you around august or september. Kevin, I already told you I'll live you with my fairy wings.

rawrcupcakesz 0

visit not live**

kidsanchez1 4

Rose ok but like i told you i don't play out my summers so IDK what ill be doing I could be in D.R. but hopefully i will be back to chill with you

rallets 22

ok see you then :D ill be waiting :)

rawr your not fat, you are sexy. I wanna bite one of your buttcheecks

rallets 22

lmfao #145 but her buttcheeks do look good and tasty

lonesomeXheartbr 0

I'm from california. come visit me it'll be a much shorter trip

ya there is nothing like a nice butt.. I hate stick figures with absolutly no curves. Thank god I'm thin but have a good butt and boobs. I would hate to be a stick figure with the bod of a 12 year old all my life

rawrcupcakesz 0

Ranfis it's okay I guess Kevin I am already outside your house let me in. 145- My butt belongs to my husbands and wifeys from here sorry. 148- What part of California? And nah you come and vist me.

lonesomeXheartbr 0

the bay area. what about you? I'll come visit you anytime. jp I wouldn't want your hubbys and wifeys to get mad at me

That's more like a smart-bomb than a cannonball. It was directly on target - You! FYL

kidsanchez1 4

reading 145 comment reminded me of Wedding Crashers did you motorboat her boobs

rallets 22

did you bring your pillow and blanket?

Omg. FYL! Now you've learned what the rest of us already knew... When a fat kid says cannon ball swim like your life depends on it!!

rawrcupcakesz 0

lonesome- I live in 562. you only have to worry about 2 husbands if you come and vist me. Ranfin I was thinking that too.

rawrcupcakesz 0

no I thought we were going to cuddle Kevin. I'll go back home 161- Thats a lucky dog

FMLhockeyNHL 0

rawr, your not fat, your bigs boobs just weigh a little more thats all ;)

rallets 22

nooo, come back. we are gonna cuddle :D

lonesomeXheartbr 0

oh la area? fasho I'll see you in October I'm going down there for monster massive

huh... if you had to choose one or the other, what would it be?.. motorboat boobs or bite buttcheek?!?... thoughest question ever!!!

FMLhockeyNHL 0

for rawr? id motorboat the shit out of em

kidsanchez1 4

jimmy they were all in that pool he didn't finish his FML he was only one that survived

rawrcupcakesz 0

Kevin okay fine I won't leave. Jimmy it's called they got a life lol. lonesome, did you go last year? I went last year. Are you going to EDC?

rallets 22

yay, the beds ready for you ;)

lonesomeXheartbr 0

naw I'm going to warped tour it's the same weekend. and no, it's gonna be my first rave. I heard crystal castles was sick though :( I missed out

now hopefully my new picture stops the gender questions.

kidsanchez1 4

Tokio every one dose even if you answer at begging people still ask you

rallets 22

yea, those things help as well haha :D also, did you get your mouth makeup from nightmare before christmas and your eye makeup from a clockwork orange? just wondering

no you r definetly not fat

rawrcupcakesz 0

Kevin yes!! it better be ready. lonesome-Aww you are a raver baby Damn my wifey is fine

184- well hopefully they're smarter now. 185- yeah, I hope they help. I got the stitches from Andy Sixx, singer for Black Veil Brides. :) The eye makeup was a spinoff of one of the band member's makeup. I don't know where they got the idea. :p

kennyFTW3fiddy 0

51 is pretty

stacers 0

ugh there goes rawr begging for attention again.

rallets 22

lol ill be laying down waiting for you, wear something naughty ;)

lonesomeXheartbr 0

I like the new pic tokio

kidsanchez1 4

tokio lets find out which person will say "wow your a girl i thought you were a guy" if there is one

FTC_Socialist 3

hah, well it's clear tokio is a girl now.

rallets 22

#192, ahh i see. ok :D tokio, wow youre a girl i thought you were a guy just for you #198 lol

KiddNYC1O 20

194- this is their new AIM and facebook, apparently

rawrcupcakesz 0

194- And there goes you trying to start something. Just STFU Eww Kevin, cochino. I am going to tell your girlfriend.

kidsanchez1 4

#200 you should of told me you were going to say that i would of made a bet and we could of split it 50 50

MhP_fml 0

jersey shore?!

rallets 22

lmfao, you typed spanish. wasnt expecting that #207, if id known that i wouldve haha

hockeyguy79 0

ok 51... you've got a great rack

hockeyguy79 0

51- you have a great rack

hockeyguy79 0

yeahh. I'm 5' 105 pounds

Omg Jessica! You are so beeyootiful darlin'! I love your makeup. You should go pro for sure. PS I'm still waiting for my share of those DDs :)

What is love baby don't hurt me- oh fuck you broke my collarbone.

kidsanchez1 4

o yea rose what is that that you got in your hand

rallets 22

i think she gets it

I just wanted to say hello to all u FMLers so hello everyone

oh man breaking your coller bone hurts like a bicth, lol you had to swim out of the pool to fyl

rawrcupcakesz 0

Ranfis it's a hair product called Bed Head.

RussianWolf 0

WTF dildo?

rawrcupcakesz 0

No dildo sicko. I don't have a pink one but a yellow one.

rose, you're the sexy one. :)

kidsanchez1 4

rawr that last 1 was intresting. and out of the blue I like how you have a diffrent picture almost every week

nightELFassasin6 0

68 yes rawr is

197- thank you. :) 198- yeah, let's see. 199- it better be! 200- lolololol. 219- oh thank you! I hope I go pro. :) I'll gladly give most of them to you! 220- lolololololol! 230- lololol rose. then what is it?

Wow fail. That was borderline erotica. That's not what I came here for. *waits for influx of perverted comments.

op trust me I feel your pain. I have been in similiar situations many times.

rawrcupcakesz 0

wifey it's a hair product that looks like a dildo. but yeah my dildo is yellow so I wouldn't put my dildo on here lol jk Ranfis thanks but I had this picture before. I took this one on Sunday.

kidsanchez1 4

236 are you calling Rose fat 240 is this your FML lol

Helter_Skelter4 3

Tokio- You look great, but you looked great before too. I never thought you looked like a dude!

rallets 22

yes shes calling rawr fat, get her! haha

lol no I've been through worse though.

kidsanchez1 4

lilmatic was it to fat kids then

kill the fat bastard

nope lol just one.

243- Lawl, okay. :) 247- Awe thanks. :) Well now hopefully the 'omg you're a girl?!' comments.

247- *comments will stop.

stacers 0

202: yeah no kidding =T fucking annoying.

hey all, what's up?

kidsanchez1 4

lilmatic what happened couldn't swim fast enough

rawrcupcakesz 0

I'm fat so I don't really care

RaIeigh 0

^ In what way? I don't see it.

Rose your not fat. I'm sure everybody agrees with me. nah sanchez it wasn't in the pool. I don't feel like explaining it but let's just say that I'm a wrestler and I had to wrestle the heavyweights one day and I only weigh 125 pounds.

267 that sucks, that's a huge weight difference

rawrcupcakesz 0

267- I am!! Raleigh, I am fat in very way.

awhsum 0

ohhh yea.! warped tour.! I'm going June 26th too.

125? how tall are you 5,6

Tokiohotel ur beautiful

RaIeigh 0

Nah Rose you actually aren't, and I'd advise you stop listening to people that say otherwise. The chicks on this site that say you're fat are obviously afraid of curves because they don't have any themselves.

268- is I'm 5 foot 8. I now weigh 140, I only got that low cuz I was cutting weight.

I feel for you, I have a metal plate and 9 screws in my collar bone.

Helter_Skelter4 3

258 yeah those people that thought you were a dude are just asshats. Lol, now you'll just get tons of "nice rack" comments ;-)

kidsanchez1 4

Raleigh why dose she say she's fat I don't see it either it's only her i think she's imagining things

6 1/2 feet 150 pounds

rawrcupcakesz 0

276- and I bet you still look beautiful!! raleigh ehh no I think everything would be better if I was as thin as Rose

Helter_Skelter4 3

269 you are NOT fat, you look great. Fuck numbers, as long as you look good in your clothes (and you do) and feel good who cares what the scale says

272- awe thanks :) 278- I'd rather have that than gender questions.

RaIeigh 0

Nah kidsanchez, it's these sickly looking stick chicks that try to tell her she looks fat, mostly. The funny thing is, Rose is a whole lot better looking than any of the people that try to call her fat or slutty or whatever.

hey tokio. love the new pic. can sure tell you're a girl now!

kidsanchez1 4

Raleigh your talking about Anerexic chicks right

RaIeigh 0

Rose, don't bring up the other Rose anymore. She's irrelevant, and she shouldn't be your concern. I'm just trying to tell you what's right.

^What RaRa said. Rose, you are absolutely gorgeous and not fat in the least bit. You're just curvy in all the right places. Luckyy :) And also, I know I'm kind of late on this but that is BedHead in Rose's hand not a dildo. I have that same styling product it's like wax stuff.

Helter_Skelter4 3

tokio, good point! and nice rack! lol

Okay I'm too slow. ^What RaRa said in comment #286.

ImAnInsomniac 3

lol so rawr are you going to edc?

288- thanks. :) and good! that was the whole point. :) 292- whai thank you. nice tattoo. :)

Helter_Skelter4 3

Tanks tokio, there are 3 there but you can only see 1. Oh well :-p

biohaz_fml 0

sux to be u

299- and I have 9 piercings and you can only see like, three haha.

rawrcupcakesz 0

Okay fine I am not fat but thick 295- Yes, I am going but on Saturday because I work on Friday.

rallets 22

hey tokio, nice rack haha :D youre not fat rose, my gf is the same height and weight and i love it :D youre perfectly fine the way you are

100-im only 13 and i weigh that much :/ im younger and fatter than you :,(

what happened to the "other rose"? 

kidsanchez1 4

Rose just stop calling yourself fat

Helter_Skelter4 3

302 ahhh I had to take my eyebrow and tongue piercings out for work :-/ so sad, but luckily I can strategicallly cover my tattoos :-)

RaIeigh 0

Don't bring up the other Rose, dude. Too much negative ishh associated with her.

that's not that bad, I snapped mine 3 times, I broke it getting thrown up against a wall, seccond time I ate shit skating down the board walk ramp at Torrance brace. and my friend pushed me off a bench for thee third time... it's not the end of the world.

314-ok I gess 315- I loled

305- hahaha thanks. :) you're very cute. :D 312- I've got my eyebrow, tongue, left side and middle of my lip, ears(gauged to fit a straw through), second hole on my right ear, helix on my left ear, and my belly button. I used to have my tongue done 3 times and spider bites on the left side of my lip, but I took them out.

Wow FAIL - four pages of four people talking about nothing to do with the FML. If you look very carefully you might find something serious.

rawrcupcakesz 0

The other Rose died (I wish)

Helter_Skelter4 3

317 that's awesome, I had my ears gauged for a bit and I dug it but I took them out for some reason, lol.

kidsanchez1 4

tokio that's alot of percings I have a cousin who had 15 percings but not the ones you got just 6 on both ears nose tounge and belly

rallets 22

lol np #317 :P you too :D im curious about the other rose. i used to talk to her, can someone tell me what happened? i should really comment more lol

318- sorry we provide our own entertainment. 320- I love mine. :) I have cute tunnels for them. :p 321- getting the other side of my lip soon and piercing my ear again. :) 322- digging the facial hair. that's a first for me. XD

rawrcupcakesz 0

Kevin let's just say she acting here differently then who she really is. that's all I can say because I promise someone I wasn't going to talk bad about her.

kidsanchez1 4

Rose, what's the other rose acount name?

RaIeigh 0

The other Rose's first account was called babiirawr, then she got banned and made one named Exie I think..

kidsanchez1 4

oh I seen those account before so this Rose and other Rose don't like each other right

rallets 22

oh, ok i see

RaIeigh 0

Blahh, my comments will probably get modded now..

rawrcupcakesz 0

ranfis, me and her were friends. she was the one that told me to get on FML. Just that last week I saw her true colors.

kidsanchez1 4

oh you mean she's two faced I hate people like that I had an x best friend he talked shit about Dominicans and he tried to get with my ex girlfriend

RuMyDaisy 0

and good girls swallow. you look like a good girl. =}

kidsanchez1 4

335 lol I like pic

rallets 22

lol thanx #323

one more reason 2 sue mcdonalds

what's with the pink dildo?

ydi: his yelling was your queue to get the fuck out of the way and let the fat man splash.

lookin good gurl

PaintTheStars 2

192- I love black veil brides :D and I love the eye make up and stitches.

Secondine 0

Bet that felt good!



safirestar09 0

All these people are complaining about being fat, and it makes me feel bad somehow, cos I'm waaaaay underweight. Quit complaining.

Ramirez09 0

Ohhh Dearrr<3

you're quite good loking


fatties got no reason to live

Tokio I just want to say that you are very pretty.

110 that's not fat just plain sexy

RyGuy748 0

rawr? u live in 562??? me too!!!!!

Giorgio272 2

should of yelled hey fatty boom bom him. then compeltly crushed his balls with a garlic crusher. fucking fat fucks. they should all burn in hell while being molested by Satan.

mrmystery96 0

I blame places like mcdonald's for this...

dude, sue his ass for damages.Ooh, and make one of the conditions be that he has to get liposuction.

jonx346 0


jocelyng_fml 0

#169 I have been here for ages I just haven't ever commented till recently

YDI for going to a public pool

yesYDI 0

I would have punched him in his face. And YDI because I said so.

bahahah sucks for you

are you a guy or a girl?

silly dan. girls dont exist on interwebs

r u a guy or a girl? anwer my question!!!

MollyyMakeout 0

He's a boy, obviously.

59, what do you think!?

61, wrong. SHE is a girl.

Olympian94 0

Just out of curiousity, how's my new pic? :P

rawrcupcakesz 0

Molly suck on my left

rawrcupcakesz 0

**Molly suck on my left ovary!! Tokio is my wifey!!! Jessica

She's a girl dumbshits

autumn16 0

112 STFU!! you don't look any better!!

Lee002 8

I always thought tokio was a guy too...maybe it's the short hair and inability to see huge amounts of cleavage (though at least it means ur not a whore)

lilai1396 0

Epic makeup!! You gonna do makeup professionaly, you have serious talent:D

just because Tokyo has short hair and that black Inc on her face doesn't make her a dude so just chillax all u people and stop asking very rude ?s

122 yourr prettyyy hot, not reallyy digginn the snake bits thoughhh. just sayin p:

53/59- I'm a dude. I've got a huge dick. and huge balls. and giant tits. best if both world. /sarcasm. I'm a girl. 61- I obviously have a vagina. tits come with that, ya know. 63/64- you've won the prize in this week's "guess the gender" competition! lololol. :D 66- I laughed my ass off. XD Rose- ily wifey! 90- thanks. :p 112- _____________ 122- I know, right? 124- I know. it's pretty annoying. 146- it's cool. atleast you aren't an ass about. and yeah, I really don't like flashing my titties to the Internet. js. 213- awe thanks. :) I love doing makeup! :D 216- thank you for defending me haha. 280- thread jacker! just kidding. :p I like your hair. :p

knibbsy 4

^^ so you're telling me if I yell "surprise" it's not rape?! *ahem* Heyyyyy ladies, what are ya up to this weekennnnnd?

superbadd 0

^_^ point proven

damnn watch out for fat kids next time xD

Sun_Kissed18 25

haha no seriouly! A fat kid fell on my friend at a dance once and he broke her ankle

breenarae25 0

did u drown ?

paid2think 0

ohh fat kids in their speedos. did u also get it in the anal if he landed behind u?

What the fuck did you just say?

ouch one of the worst pains ever... fyl op

SourCandyyz 0

ouch. :/

RaIeigh 0

Damn, you got beasted.

We've had persecutions against Jews, Blacks, Albanians, more blacks, gingers, Christians, Hindus, etc. WHEN WILL THE FATASS GENOCIDE BEGIN? FML.

There was a ginger genocide? I should watch the news more often.

HeyLookOverThere 3


what you need to be watching is south park. gingers have no souls

Erm, YDI for looking like water? Lawsuit! Trolling doesn't suit me. OP, when you hear someone at a pool shout "Cannonball" GTFO! Bad things are about to happen. FYL

brit8741 0

This.^ Hahahahaha.

WOW why lawsuit ? I mean yea fhl but come on thats the problem with people always looking for a quick buck even if it was on accident Im sure.

Is Burl Coat Factory really going out of business? Was there anything good left? These kids outgrew everything! And Georgie bagged up some of Q's stuff today. What size is Bing?

^ LMAO...Fail The text I just sent my friend said: I was being sarcastic. I would say something sarcastic again but you get a pass since you're AF.

ImaginaryFoe -lmao that's a pretty funny fail if you ask me. That's like a pass for humor and a fail on all other levels.

*scrawls names from IF's post in stalker notebook* Now all I need are a couple of toenails and a SSN...

itz_towelie 6

you got to be carefull when fat people are dealing with their arch nemesis gravity.

2hoesNaBagel 0

fat kids running is the best

awhsum 0

Oliver sykes o.o

the guy girl? questions should be diverted to 222 right there.