By GarageSallin - 07/02/2013 15:24

Today, I was at an estate sale of my neighbor who recently passed. I recognized many items for sale that I had ordered or won on eBay from the past 8 years. Turns out the little old lady had been stealing my mail for close to a decade. FML
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You'd think after the first few items went missing you'd try to find out where they went..

HowAreYouToday 34

Old people are secretly evil. They're all plotting against us *normals.* VIVA LA REVOLUCION!


Well if you still want it at least you can buy it back

How does that work tho?? Do you not realize you aren't getting the items that you PAID for?

With all the cats you have to be evil.

I'd imagine it would be pretty awkward trying get away with what are seemingly her possessions for free. I hope OP saved his receipts :>

Perhaps you could open a civil or legal suit against her estate assuming you have tangible grounds for aforementioned suit.

Hopefully the OP was smart and doesn't delete emails

HowAreYouToday 34

Old people are secretly evil. They're all plotting against us *normals.* VIVA LA REVOLUCION!

Yeah and they get up so early in the morning they get everyting don before the rest of us, so they can take over the world and we can't do anything...

Harshdfml 14

Guys, they are a source of learning. Show some respect. You gonna be old one day and I bet your silly asses, you wouldn't want this said for you.

TheDrifter 23

You make it sound like cats are evil geniuses Noor. I disagree, cats are only mildly diabolical. It's the crafty old ladies subverting them.

Obviously people on here are joking. You can joke about things that naturally happen. Now go take a picture in the mirror of yourself to feel good about life.

TxCountryBeauty 10

So the drifter says... But then look at the "mildly diabolical" kitty in his pic!!! What does that cat have to say-- soul sucker!!! Lol

We're mans best friend for a reason.. >.> We saved those egyptians from their feline overlords.. They would have taken over the world.. >.>

TheDrifter 23

He says it's a genetic condition in an otherwise cuddly kitten, and that I wouldn't even miss it if not for dog propaganda.

No need to cover up #53 soon enough all you humans will be licking our fur. Muahhaha ugh ugh*furball*.

We have to start watching The Price is Right. Why do you think old people watch it? It's subliminal messages people, Plinko chips represent some sort of hierarchy in the old people secret society. Don't even get me started on the wheel you have to spend, that shit has global domination plans all over it.

If "the price is Right" and bob barker are involved, I highly doubt any alliance with the cats. I hear almost all animals have had it out for him for awhile now. "And remember folks, always spay and neuter your pets!" ;)

Luckily my kind are secluded from the harsh and evil radio beams from the elderly, use to control the population. If anybody ask where you received this classified didn't see anything. *hides in hole*.

GoodLookingGeese 10

*knock, knock* ohh yeah we're all in the same closed room with no handles.. Gees I wonder if the evil cats or old neighbor lady had something to do with this?

Us cupcakes have also been slaughtered by the evil elderly. The elderly are a cunning species who use our kind (and other delectable treats) to bribe youth to come to the dark side.... god help us all...

You'd think after the first few items went missing you'd try to find out where they went..

BostonPLD33 6

Clearly he has no detective instinct in him. Not mention the bad feedbacks he probably gave the senders.

If they live in Canada, it's no surprise they didn't seek out where stuff was going. It's a fact of life that Canada Post will loose your stuff or deliver it to an incorrect address.

mansen 15

YDI. I usually wait a week after delivery date has passed and then play ocd detective. Contact seller, track shipment, contact shipping company, scream at phone while being transfered through the phone tree of hell of shipping company for 3 hrs while they try to find/avoid dealing with pkg/problem. Get resolution or file dispute etc. 8 years of no pkgs? You must either like being on hold with shipping companies or really hate your money enough to just pay and be ok with nothing in return.

At the very least I'd just straight up stop buying things from eBay...

jPriya 4

Seriously cause- "ain't nobody got time for that"

Well no one probably expects the little old lady do they... Sneaky ninja grandmas

RedPillSucks 31

If you can prove the items were yours (shipping receipts, etc.) talk to the people organizing the sale.

yes. because that makes complete sense.

Old people usually get away with a lot, no one expects them.

*expects them to steal or suspects them. Either one works. :)

You hadn't noticed that during 8 years, a lot of your packages, sent from different sellers, were all disappearing mysteriously? Gods, then this must be the fabled Ninja Granny I've been hearing so much about.

Steve95401 49

Did you ever contact the seller, or the shipping company, to trace why you never received these items? It shouldn't have taken an Estate Sale to discover 8 years worth of EBay merchandise that you neve received.

I bet the items weren't too much money if he didn't go looking

And now you can buy the stuff back for a cheaper price!

krazy13kc 4

Leave bad feedback

Shipment did not include bodyguard to stop little old lady down the street from stealing the package: 0/10 would not recommend.

flockz 19

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Ladies need one too? You'd bang me? So basically you're a gay who doesn't mine doing chicks too, as long as they role play as men who look like me? I'm scared...

10/10 would present in front yard to make neighbors jealous.

krazy13kc 4

It's always the sweet and innocent looking ones. FYL