By Absent - 12/01/2010 05:42 - France

Today, my friends let me win at strip poker so I wouldn't take off my clothes. FML
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OMG That is so freaken Halarious! However I feel your pain... in my side !


OMG That is so freaken Halarious! However I feel your pain... in my side !

Right, this is definitely false; if you don't wanna see someone naked you won't play strip poker with them at all. Also, if this was true, surely it's NOT an FML, I mean you get to see naked chicks/dudes; why else would be actually be playing strip poker and not just regular poker.

Sometimes you just don't wish to see certain people naked. There may have been people that others wanted to see naked and OP was just an obstacle to overcome.

#8 - I believe Ron White says it best: "Once you've seen one woman naked, you... wanna see the rest of 'em naked." Not sure if the OP is a guy/girl/tranny, but regardless, this is a Win/Win situation.

I am extremely confused as to why my comment was moderated, I wasn't offensive at all. All I did was explain how this FML doesn't really make sense. From the OP's point of view, they have succeeded in the ultimate goal of playing strip poker: Getting everyone else naked. From their friends point of view: 1. Why would they play with someone they have no intention of seeing naked, and 2. They're all naked and the one person they didn't want to be, isn't. Everybody wins? I don't see how that is an FML, (or why pointing that out would be cause for moderation.) (ALSO, More importantly, why was MY comment moderated; and the comments insulting the OP/making fat jokes, weren't? Surely they're more offensive.)

Haha # 13 i seen that routine great comic!

It makes sense because it sucks to be repulsive to other people. Plus, if the game went down like this, your chances of hooking up with any of the other players now or in the future is miserable. Seeing stuff in poker could be even more frustrating if you know you can't have it.

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"Is she a great big fat person?" -- John Grant/ Jamie Gumm from "Silence of the Lambs"

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today, one of my fattest friends wanted to loose in strip poker!! not gonna happen

Now, those are friends, not chingaderas!