By Anonymous - Canada - Toronto
Today, I have to defend my client in court. The defense that my client wants me to use is, "It's not a robbery if you have swag" and then goes on saying, "The judge is bound to let me go after he sees my swag." FML
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  Christala  |  8

"swag" should have only one usage: promotional loot acquired at conventions and tradeshows. ie "Check out all the swag I brought home from CES!!!!"

  Laurenluvz  |  11

I have to agree with 120. From murder, or robbing... Dressing like a "Slut" or flirting with people (I'm aware it's most likely a guy) No one deserves to be raped. Wishing or doing such a thing regardless of how terrible a person is just terrible. It shouldn't matter where someone is or their condition, Absolutely no one should be put through such things. He committed a crime. Jail is good enough. But wishing rape upon someone is not fair or okay. I don't care really if I get downvoted for my lack of sense, grammar, or if people disagree, just speaking my opinion.