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Today, a friend was put on suicide watch when her parents wouldn't pay $500 for a premium senior picture package. FML
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My friend isn't suffering from depression. She told me she did this stunt because she couldn't get the package that she wanted and that this would "show her parents". Also, yes this doesn't affect me nearly as much as it does her or her loved ones. However, I am her friend and don't want to lose a good friend over something so small.

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Since it was a stunt, it's pretty obvious that she's spoiled. She's gonna get a hard smack in the face from reality when she graduates and is out on her own. I hope you told her what she did was extremely selfish and stupid. Because it obviously affected more than just her parents.

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I guess you could say that that had a killer price tag. No? i didn't think so... I'll show myself to the dog house.


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Your friend is so stupid. It's pictures so calm down. She must want attention and is a spoiled brat

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I would be willing to bet that if nobody reacted to your friend's threat then they would learn to just get over it. Your friend is a horrible person . Tell them to get over it and to suck it up. There are people in this world that have lost everything but they keep living. There are parents that lost their children but they keep living. They need to send your friend to OK so they can see what real pain and real loss is.

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Its teenage drama she will get over it one way or another.........

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I guess you could say that that had a killer price tag. No? i didn't think so... I'll show myself to the dog house.

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have confidence in your jokes, wingdog!

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15 - I just have to accept the fact I am a really, really, really, ridiculously classy dog. Thank you, good sir *tips tophat*

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22 - The kind words are definitely much appreciated :-)

Well, it IS Hawaii... Everything here has killer price tag. Where's her aloha spirit?

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sounds like your friend is using suicide as a method to get what they want. spoiled brat.

So-called entitlement has nothing to do with it. This girl is just insanely manipulative and has no sense of self-respect. Or respect for her parents, I imagine. It's not a "kids these days" thing either. There are still plenty of kids today who live in poverty, or struggle through life just to get to the point where they can earn a high school diploma. Just like there have always been spoiled kids who had no appreciation for what they were given. I don't see how one girl, whose behavior is obviously not being condoned by her parents, her friend who posted this story (and is presumably around her age and likely embarrassed by the poor impression it gives of young people), or the other people posting comments, can define a characteristic common to an entire generation.

In area where I live, trying to be needlessly suicidal might put you under psychiatric care. I.e. nearest mental hospital will start tracking you (they "put you on record"), if you get into trouble with police you might get reported to the mental hospital, plus you'll have to visit them periodically. If that happens, it'll be very hard for you to get driving license, hunting license and you'll be barred from getting a job in the military structure, police structure and government organizations. So, unless you're a total moron, you won't pretend to be suicidal to get something. Don't you have something like that?

I know plenty of kids in poverty that own iPhones and expensive luxuries. I think kids are adopting more and more sense of entitlement nowadays in a broad general sense. Of course not all of them, but too many for my liking. Heck some adults too

If they really were in poverty they couldn't afford an iPhone. So no you don't.

67, (relatively) poor people can buy iphones. However, it'll take longer to save the money (say, year or two to gather enough cash to afford it).

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@36 Kids rarely think of these consequences when they do stupid stuff. Unfortunately, kids seem to rarely think much at all.

There are people poor enough to be on food stamps wasting money on tattoos, piercings, iPhones, expensive TVs, and countless other extravagances.

Let me clarify, as I am a child. We are not all "entitled". If I want anything, I need to earn the money myself. The iPod in my hand is proof of that. I had to spend all summer digging holes in 90 degree weather to be able to afford this thing.

I wish everywhere was like that; unfortunately, it isn't.

Dear older generation that think "kids these days are so (insert negative adjective here)". You're the ones raising the kids to be so "shitty" Let that sink in. I feel like every generation gets "worse" and the prior generations' eyes- when in reality the things that kids like and care about constantly change- and since it's different from what was once considered important, it's bad. Different isn't bad, it's just different.

As someone else has said, not everyone is "entitled." The iPhone that I use daily, the iPad that I'm now typing this on, and even my computer came out of MY pocket. Being 13, of course, my parents purchased these things, but I had to pay them back every cent. I just find it annoying how, again, this was said before, people just make assumptions about everyone. Not everyone has the exact same wealth or the exact same "entitlement." While many a friend of mine does feel as though they should get what they want for no apparent reason, I do also know quite a few people who actually earned what they have. Thumb this down, do whatever the hell you want with it, but people need to understand that some actually do work up to stuff.

F their patents life , time to get some new friends and I can't wait until they enter the real world.

I think their parents might deserve it up to a certain point.. somebody definitely screwed up teaching that kid some values and respect..

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And she call herself a grammar nazi as stated in her about me section

40, you've been banned from the Grammar Nazi regime. In the future, make damn sure you're right before you correct someone. Otherwise, you just come off as a prick.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say 40 was correcting 4. In that case, she is correct. My apologies. But my end statement still stands. Also, the Grammar Nazi regime ban may yet be reversed. Just point out which comment you're correcting next time.

Hahaha I say let her go for it. Such a spoiled brat.

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You should definitely call her bluff on it OP.

Sad thing about calling someone's bluff is sometimes they do it. I work in a hospital. I've known someone to manage it. It's not a joke, it's not funny, and it is forever.

I volunteer at a call cantre. Yeah, there are plenty who mean it. It might seem funny or ridiculous, but you NEVER tell someone to "go for it". Because you will feel like the worst human being on the planet if it actually happens. Once any form of suicide enters the discussion, tread very carefully...

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That's true. There are people who will actually do it. But for pictures? That's one of the dumbest reasons I've heard of to threaten suicide. OPs friend needs to learn the value of a dollar and how everything adds up and stop acting out for attention. I'm sure she's probably done this stunt before and got her way (by the way it's worded) which I why I say to call her bluff. Unless she really is that crazy, I doubt she really will kill herself for pictures.

119, That's stupid yes, but if you say "do it" and she does it, you'll get a corpse AND you'll be in trouble. Last time I checked in USA encouraging people to commit suicide is a crime. Even if those people are stupid. Just let psychiatrists take care of her.

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139 yea you make a good point. It is a crime to encourage someone to kill themselves. I think it's a crime to actually do it too, which is why even if she is just throwing a temper tantrum and faking it for attention, she still needs to be watched because the US takes these things seriously. So yea thinking of it that way maybe calling her bluff may not be the best idea after all...

Kid tantrums these days have become way too complicated. It's not the end of the world.

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Is this what our teenagers worry about these days?

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Maybe technically by numbers, but it's been a few years since I was in high school. I'm about to graduate college. Though that might not seem like a long time, a lot changes as you move forward in life.

You would think so, but in many cases it progresses into worse behaviour

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She definetly overreacted! Its sad some people dont appreciate what they already have these days. Spoiled brat. She needs to get a job.

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Her parents need to make her get a job. She needs to learn the value of a dollar.

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I don't see why this would be a f your life. More like your friends parents.

True though. I mean it's not OP's problem that her friend is a spoiled brat. It doesn't exactly affect her life unless she is getting made fun of for being "the crazy girl's" friend.

Exactly what i thought when i read this, i personally don't think they should have put this up, it really has nothing to do with them, its personal even if she is being a brat, suicide is serious, not something to put up just for a thumbs up