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  MDTeddy  |  13

I don't drink. I feel srry for those who do. It doesn't make you any cooler. Idc who you are. Also, it makes you look like a complete dumbass if you are drunk. I say Op...this is a sign to stop drinking or at least drink less if you can't stop.

  SW500  |  13

That's why I prefer being stoned. The thought of cutting it would never cross my mind. Besides, when I'm drunk I tend to fall over more than most people and end up really sore the next morning. I don't particularly like that feeling.

  evilplatypus  |  38

50 - I don't drink, either. But that's my business. Who cares if you drink or not? And judging by your spelling/grammar/syntax, I highly doubt you're being entirely truthful with us. How wasted were you when you typed that?

  thurjones  |  6

Obviously not, or it wouldn't be an FML. Or, at least, it would be more like:

Today, I got wasted and gave myself a good, close shave with a pizza cutter. Now that I know that I'm a MacGyver style genius when I'm drunk, there's even less motivation to avoid alcoholism. FML

Username suggests this behavior is common, and *SPOILER ALERT* that it won't end well.

  PlaidPanda  |  9

^ and that my good sir is why you don't comment when you're "high as Fuck," high as hell, yeah that's alright, but when you get in to the "high as Fuck" zone just watch some south park.