By Tall Oaf
Today, my ex of 2 months, who I'm on good terms with, posted an Instagram photo with her new boyfriend, captioned "Love you babe, 4 months have never been sweeter." I've never been good at math, but 4 seems bigger than 2. FML
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  tounces7  |  27

Actually now is when you become on good terms with her new BF so you can inform him she was seeing both of you at the same time, because he's probably not aware of it either.

By  RichardPencil  |  29

I’m fantastic at math so let me explain it to you. She was test-driving the new guy for two months while keeping you as her back-up, just in case he disappointed.

Apparently, he did not, so she kicked you to the curb two months ago. I’m glad I can share my giftedness with you. :)

  RichardPencil  |  29

Thanks. I would, but I'd require Hazardous Duty Pay. When I read those, I can feel the brain damage setting in. Long-term exposure to the Best of the Worst will likely reduce me to a blithering idiot (ok, more of a blithering idiot than I am already :) )