By silent one - 12/09/2011 05:30 - United States

Today, I had to stifle a fart so my upstairs neighbors wouldn't hear it. I know this because I frequently hear theirs. FML
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Why bother? It's apparent they don't care about it

tsume24 3

if I were you I'd be trying to make mine louder than theirs.


Why bother? It's apparent they don't care about it

Have really loud farts from now on.

krazy_glu3 0

Thong = silencer. They make em for men and women. Try it out.

Here no evil, speak of no evil.

Try tuning your hearing aids down

You must set the farts free! They should not be contained.

Never hold your farts in. It goes back up to your stomach then up to your brain. Thats where the shitty ideas come from. LOL

Lol seriously!

Buy a megaphone and fart through it in max volume.

39- I wish you didn't add LOL, it would have been much more amusing. :'(

10-37 are now #losing

73- This isn't twitter. you also lose.

tjv3 10

yeah why bother it's your apartment and you can fart if you want to

Of course not

tsume24 3

2 - if a bear shits in a forest, and no one's around to smell it, are you still a moron?

tsume24 3

if I were you I'd be trying to make mine louder than theirs.

To be honest I'd get a megaphone and let one rip lol ;)

If I were them I would move into a more soundproof apartment. If you can hear someone's farts...

tsume24 3

61 - but where would the fun be in that? hell, I'd be competing with that neighbor like it was the penis game.

IDK. You would also hear them taking shits, having sex, masturbating, arguing, etc.

tsume24 3

that's life for you.

At least you don't smell them

Maybe they would stop making terrible loud farts if they were aware you could hear them. Or maybe you should simply accept the fact that people fart, and stop stifling them.

Writes the girl in the gas mask. : )

I'm always prepared for FML's like this.

rebekahah 7

Lol OP's username "silent one"

Obviously they can hear anything, so farts aren't the biggest problem.

Fap fap fap.

You could have heared other things....

WallyTheWombat 0

Lol heared

ImmaB3AST 7

If I were you I'd turn it into a competition.

...did you read the fml?