By howinthenameofholyfuck?! - 16/7/2020 17:01

Thanks for the miracle

Today, after being diagnosed with breast cancer, enduring months of tortuous chemo, having painful radiation treatments and having had my tubes tied, I realized I’ve become the butt of an incredibly cruel cosmic joke. I got pregnant from the one-night stand I had to celebrate beating cancer. FML
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  sarsuela  |  22

If it were a vasectomy and a condom then I'd agree with you but this time it's a super egg. However this baby must be on a mission if it is this determined to come to this world.

By  Andrea Remer  |  6

honestly I know lots of women who have gotten pregnant after tubes tied but im shocked to hear about pregnancy after chemo&radiation because they usually make you sterile:( congrats on beating cancer though

By  ekk100  |  6

Please get yourself checked ASAP, there are certain types of uterine and endometrial cancers that can mimic pregnancy, including positive pregnancy tests.

By  LPS8585  |  26

I actually know someone that had breast cancer 14 years ago and now has a beautiful 13 year old. She had chemo and radiation. She calls her her miracle baby. It can happen.