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Today, after math class, the resident creepy kid approached me and asked me out. I've only spoken to him twice before, so I was creeped out, and I politely declined. He totally lost it, and shouted that I'm a "friend-zoning bitch" before storming out of the room. FML
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Sounds like he's been dumped before... A lot.

Well he doesn't seem to have any problems whatsoever...


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Boygenius50 8

That would be a bitch move. Nobody likes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Sawarski 13

1 he already sounds pissed off

Look on the bright side: at least he won't bother you anymore! (hopefully)

Sawarski 13

25 nope now he's planning his revenge.

OP, is your name by chance 'Fiona'? ;)

That's a terrible advice #1, don't you hear about kids going to schools ad shooting everyone for the dumbest reasons.

My girlfriend in college has a creeper and he's jealous of me. He seriously pisses me off with how he obsesses over her.

There's obviously two sides here. The creepy guy is definitely socially awkward and sexually frustrated, but among teenage boys that's practically normal. (This FML is obviously about teenagers.) I'm inclined to believe that the OP has been a bitch to this guy. If he had really flipped out at her for no reason, I think she would be a lot more shocked and hurt by his outburst. Instead, she seems more offended that he had the nerve to think she would ever go out with him, and then she came to FML trying to portray him as a psychopath that we, the Internet, should condemn. A boy with a temper and no game + a girl with an innocence routine and a chip on her shoulder? Nothing to see here but typical high school drama, folks.

dominic1221 6

That's a lotta obnoxious assumptions. Sounds like you've got some personal experience there Hook. Hahaha!

57- If she'd been a bitch to him before, why the hell would he be asking her out?! No need to be a wannabe-psychic douche and insult her based on nothing but wild speculation. I like most of your comments that I've seen, but here you're just being a jackass. And besides, she said she politely declined, she didn't hint at anything like "I'm too good for him".

Helldemon 32

I kind of side with hook on this, the fact that she says in the fml: the resident creepy kid as well as mentioning how she was creeped out when all he did was ask her out sounds like she probably looked or acted disgusted before she "politely" declined.

What the other commenters have said, and plus, I think OP has better things to do than bothering some already pissed-off kid she barely knows.


YAY! My stupid comment got a dislike :}D.

Well he doesn't seem to have any problems whatsoever...

Well was he a cute creeper?!

If she declined I would say thats a negative

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He's been seeing all of this "friend zone" talk on the Internet so it got to him. But to be in the friend zone you have to be a "Friend" talking two times is no friend. Poor guy he was Creep zoned

70, just because OP declined, doesn't mean he isn't cute, some guys who are really cute, can be the biggest creeps!

129 true true

Sounds like he's been dumped before... A lot.

To be fair, people who bitch about "friend-zones" tend to be single, misogynistic virgins.

I don't think he has been dumped a lot. More like rejected a lot.

I think he's more in the zone of fantasizing that it will end well, and when it doesn't he doesn't know what to do.

cradle6 13

10-Or you know, maybe guys that get rejected a lot, because the girl sees them as her "little buddy." Usually their own fault for waiting too long to make a move, but they're definitely not "misogynists." In my opinion, girls don't usually like to be friends with creepy sexist weirdos, hence they wouldn't be "friend-zoned."

cradle6 13

Damn it y'all, I'm not talking about this kid from the fml. My point is, he's not an example of friend-zoning, because he's not her friend. And not every guy who is friend zoned is a psychotic stalker.

dominic1221 6

Anyone that keeps going after a guy or girl when they're being 'friendzoned' is ****** in the head. They're also a creeper and might need psychological help, simple, point blank, end of story. The friendzone concept was made up by guys as an ego-saver by blaming girls that dared to turn them down. No means no. People that use the friendzone excuse are emotionally manipulative little boys.

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There are girls who complain about friend zoning as well. Just sayin. And I wouldn't go as far as to say people who do complain about it are manipulative and immature. Not all of them at least. Maybe they just go after the wrong type of girl/guy and don't even notice it. Been there before.

Kn0wledge123 21

You're right though that if they keep going after the same person and keep getting rejected by that SAME person...****** in the head.

I think friend zone can be respectfully thrown out there by guys who get told "you are the kind of guy a girl marries, not the kind she dates"

Kn0wledge123 21

^ I've never understood that. Don't you have to date the person to want to marry them?...

Well, you become that way from constantly being put in the friend zone...

there are some crazy people in this world!!!

I like your picture

125- that's funny because your picture looks like your reaction to his picture.

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Cut the poor kid some slack it took balls to ask you, and he probably just flipped out because he didn't know how to respond and saw it going totally different in his head.

CountDuk 5

Why are people thumbing him down? Probably never been asked out before...

MrBond007_fml 6

30- you are right, it isn't justified. I'm just saying that he's a stupid kid, the whole ask out get shut down thing is a learning proses. Hopefully he will react more appropriately next time.

MrBond007_fml 6

I just finished listening to Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles, I don't think that song had ever made me laugh before...

cradle6 13

38 is right on. He's a stupid kid, but rejection is hard, and for certain people it can be traumatic. Cut him some slack, and don't say "Let's stay friends."

I hope when I ask out Ryan Gosling he cuts me some slack coz I totally have it all played out in my head.

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86- you are the stupid one, you probably don't know rejection since you never have had butt sex denied.

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I don't even think he deserves friend-zoning but to be avoided completely.

I know! It's kind of annoying now though when guys use the "friend-zoned" card when a girl declines them. Like there's probably a million different reasons for the girl to say no and they're probably far from "I just wanna stay friends."

Yes, I would probably avoid him... I feel bad for him, though! He probably doesn't have that many friends :( But he seems to have some anger management problems so maybe it's just not safe to be around him :/

#6 Speaks sence.

*sense. Sorry, couldn't help myself.

I wouldn't worry about it unless you find him outside of your house later on. That would be a good time to worry about it.

Or inside your house :o

desireev 17

If you get a call telling you how nice the arrangement of your living room furniture is, it wasn't him. But hey, he said you're a "friend-zoning bitch". At least, he still wants to be friends! Lol. :)

Just ignore him.

Politely declined-zone?

ArielTheMermaid 17

Honestly, people need to stop complaining about the friendzone. If you don't express your interest in someone, then you're obviously going to be stuck in the friendzone. My guy friend managed to escape because he expressed his interest, and now we're perfectly happy

U shud **** him

So what? You shouldn't care what this creepy kid says to you. Ignore him and avoid him in the future.

Even tho I agree she shouldn't care, its obvious she does care NOT to be labeled a bitch after being polite. Most girls would've just said "EW GET OUT OF MY FACE" and what to be called a bitch.