By kbartlett86 - 24/06/2010 20:02 - Canada

Today, after sitting for hours at my desk, my legs fell asleep. When I got up to go to the bathroom on my break, I couldn't walk properly and leaned against things so I wouldn't fall over. My supervisor then came over and started lecturing me about being drunk at work. FML
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I bet he felt like an ass when you finally told him your leg was just asleep. Assuming you had the balls to speak up.

um....explain it to him? it's not that hard


watermelon1 35

Easily mistakable

amerrah 4

Haha tell him not to be an asshole at work :P

Slappyzezima 0

if I were you, I would have shot my boss square in the head for even daring to squeeze my potato!

Why don't you tell your supervisor this instead of FML? Anyways you should get up every once in while ta stretch.

dangitsalex 2

YDI for getting something at work that causes more blood to go somewhere else than your legs.

Put a brain eating amoeba in his coffee, and then lecture him on his motor functions.

tman118 0

fucking retarded spook

maybe your boss was drunk

KiddNYC1O 20

I woulda thought you had a turd stuck in your butthole

pingpongpickle 8

that happened to me and I fell school.. hahah 49

That's why you move your legs around when you sit for along time ya idiot

KoRn_Freak 1

LMAO me too, 49!!!

Yea you sure know about things being in your butthole huh 49?

haha nice one 23, a penis joke

lololol247 0

Then you get pins and needles and it tickles to walk. Haha your boss would probably think you were on crack.

lonesomeXheartbr 0

squeeze my potato? lol

oh gosh. i have to STAND all day at work so my feet hurt instead. lol it sucks sitting or standing the whole day. FYL

srammer8 0

u fail

msjel 0

This happened to me once at school when I had to get up in front of the entire class. It was super embarassing.

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wow were a power balance

mcrluverchick 9

cool hair :)

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stop being fat and having poor circulation

KoRn_Freak 1

I know, in not fat and my legs always fall to sleep!!!!

ojr420 0

dude don't be a douche, it happens to slot of people due to sudden changes in blood pressure when you move from a neutral position to standing or walking

I've had that happen! it sucks

I bet he felt like an ass when you finally told him your leg was just asleep. Assuming you had the balls to speak up.

Lecture him about being a dick at work

um....explain it to him? it's not that hard

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Haha, Perfect time to fall over OP, then he has a reason to lecture!

2igutierrez31 2

should have walked around b4 ur break

Damn you, comment bug. And AF.