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Today, my boyfriend found an empty snail shell. I tried messing with him by saying the snail had turned into a slug, like caterpillars turn into butterflies. He quickly replied, "Yeah I know. I'm not a tard, babe." and said he'd been taught all that and more back in school. What the hell? FML
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24 I hope you don't breed with anyone and waste perfectly good space on this earth

I thought this too when I was a little kid. so I once pulled one out of its shell. it ended with me crying over this dead shelless alien looking thing that used to be a living snail.

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they obviously do. everyone who says they don't is lying to you

at #22 yes. I've always been an animal lover. And I was a little kid when this happened. Hell, I still get sad when I/other people accidentally step on snails after it rains.

I WAS A CHILD. I DIDN'T KNOW. Geez don't lay a guilt trip on me for something that happened over 10 years ago.

Wait, they die when you pull them out of their shell?! I didn't know that! How come no one taught me that! Poor snail :(

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It looks like he came out of his shell. Looks like your boyfriend is in fact the slowest slug in the... Snail home?

He probably didn't want to sound stupid, so he said he already knew which failed for him. Lol.

Well someone obviously doesn't have a sense of humor. Or he's like Sheldon Cooper and doesn't understand when someone is joking.

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If he was like Sheldon he would've known the truth and assumed she believed that she was right. Then he would've went into a long speech to explain. :)

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When he went to school did he ride on the shorter bus?

Retards/Mentally a Handicapped people ride the "short bus" because they're short a few hundred brain cells.

Congratulations, I've never seen someone try to be politically correct while being that offensive. Just so you know, short buses are traditionally used for special ed kids--not just mentally disabled ones--because there's fewer of them, but my high school had one too and it was the favorite of any small-group field trip because it had a working radio.

He either didn't want to sound dumb, or he countered you pretty good.

Nimble mind, kinda like a snails, don't worry, just pray your kids inherit you brain cells and predominantly you DNA. Someone has to take care of the lower pecking order too you know.