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Today, my mother got incredibly drunk. She told me that only "sluts and whores" shave their pubes. She then told me that she's never once trimmed or shaved her pubes, because she's "moral." Thanks for that mental image, mom. FML
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What the **** does shaving your pubic hair have to do with hygiene? Shaving actually leads to ingrown hairs and infections, making it LESS hygienic. It's a CHOICE, people. Pubic hair isn't unclean or disgusting. Get a ******* clue.


Braid? Shes got rows of beads in it!! remember, 70's

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Fun fact: back in the day long pubic hair was cool. Whenever someone had sex the guys would be like "I got some fur last night." so your moms morals are understandable.

Absolute bullshit #38. You know damn well you love it. I bet you were fapping to the FML and comments whilst typing your own.

Dad must be a landscaper; constantly being in that bush.

What's with mothers and alcohol these days?

OP don't hate, you came out of that jungle ;)

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OP came out with rug burn ;)

i guess she's never heard of hygiene

What the **** does shaving your pubic hair have to do with hygiene? Shaving actually leads to ingrown hairs and infections, making it LESS hygienic. It's a CHOICE, people. Pubic hair isn't unclean or disgusting. Get a ******* clue.

I don't really see how that's's all about personal preference...pubic hair IS natural you know

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17- actually growing a lot of pubic hair isn't very hygienic because when women get their period the blood will get stuck in the hair.and if you have a lot well....there'll be a smell.

Indielove - Um, no. No. NO. The unhygienic part in your case is NOT WASHING the hair, not necessarily just HAVING the hair, right? Right.

#17: I came here to say that. Nice to see someone who shares that opinion.

I wax, and I find that's it's much easier to maintain when it's not there. Also I find it much more visually appealing... But maybe it's just me...

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Women went without shaving for thousands and thousands of years. Even millions.. It's the natural way of it. Shaving is a preference.. It's not dirty or gross.. Alot of women in Europe still go natural. Even down to their legs and armpits..

"Women went without shaving for thousands and thousands of years." Yeah, and we also went without drinking milk for thousands and thousands of years. And without houses. And cooked food. And electricity. Point being? (Besides of that, don't speak of 'humans' and 'millions of years', because that's not true. Also, 4000 years ago, women in Egypt shaved their legs/armpits/whoknowswhatelse. And (sadly) even in Europe people look dirty to a woman with armpit hair. The only sentence of you that made sence is: it's a preference)

Oh god, another american who thinks europeans dont shave.. Whats up with that?! Every american thinks europeans are hairy. Its a myth, most Europeans shave! Theres ppl everywhere who prefer not to shave, even in america, believe it or not.

I've shaved my pubes for about 10 years without ever having ingrown hairs and infections. It is personal preference but as a woman I feel it's more hygienic to be clean shaven down there. No hair to get sweaty, bloody, and less toilet paper gets stuck. It's much cleaner and stays fresh smelling a lot longer.

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This is a pretty disgusting fight on FML I must say!

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Keep that shit trimmed! I have also never had infection or ingrown hairs. And it is a lot cleaner that way(throughout the entire day). And this is coming from someone that showers twice a day.

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DocBastard is right. The ignorance of most of these people is unbearable.

Asherah and shrekus - Any scientific study with an N of 2 isn't very scientific. So you two have never been infected. Congratulations. I've seen several dozen (possibly over 100) men and women with infections down there due to shaving. Getting an abscess incised and drained is a lot more unsanitary than a little pubic forest, don't you think?

Wow....I didn't realize humans had been around for THAT long WITH Gillette razors, scissors, wax and Nair.... Sure we've done it for a while but thousands and thousands of years? That's exaggerating....a hair....

*checks FML posting rules* Nope, nothing in there about sarcasm being verboten. Go to it, Alan.

And I was talking to #2, not the OP....for those thumbing me down. Personal preference 100%.

And I was referring to 29, not the OP for those thumbing me down, btw...

Punched a pussy? Don't blame ya....not sure I can visit Europe now....scared! Kidding! Maintenance is very key....

Yes, a lot of women in Europe were hairy. Then, when it became normal worldwide to shave, they did. It's natural to never shower, but that's disgusting. Razors were invented to ease the shaving process, not to create it. Pubes are like beards or any other type of bodily hair. Some people prefer them, some people find them more comfortable, others don't. Shaving does not make you a *****. Not shaving is not against hygiene. K. I think I covered every point I wanted to make.

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41.."stays fresh smelling longer" WTF, you mean besides showering??

It's arguments like these that make me realize that people are ignorant. I also forgot the FML all together.

"women went without shaving for thousands and thousands of years. Even millions..." "millions" That comment makes me physically upset. Human beings go back 200,000 years tops.

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I love me some natural, hairy(not chewbacca style) twat.

29, Unless you know something the rest of the world doesn't, humans have only been around for about 250 thousand years.

If we were supposed to shave it and therefore not have it in the first place, we wouldn't be created with it at all.

I guess cutting the hair on your head and cutting your fingernails is just preference too. Some people just don't know anything about hygiene. No one said you have to take it all off but maintenance is required just like anywhere else!

Yeap what's next your mom's house is a cave ?

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Ya, that's a terrible mental image

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I don't need to know what she looks like. It doesnt take a dumbass to imagine what an unshaved ****** looks like

Since you can only "imagine" what an unshaved ****** looks like, it is suspect that you have never seen a ******. Magazines and Internet does not qualify your expertise.

Actually, you can't shave a ******, because it's internal. I think the word you're looking for is "pubic mound".

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I won't be surprised if she dyes it pink and calls it Timmy

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At least she didint check you if u were a **** or a *****

OP Is a guy. Therefore it would be "man *****."

I don't think men can be *****. I may be wrong

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Of course a man can be a ****. He just has to fulfill all the criteria for a girl to be called a ****, whatever people think the criteria is. A **** is a ****, no matter what gender. Although I don't usually see a reason to call people *****.

It's not that you may be wrong. You are wrong.

o... i have nothing to say except ewww. *shiver*

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"Thats way too much too much information"? Do you have a stutter?