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By ryjacs - 03/06/2011 20:22 - United States

Today, I received an email from my potential employers at the zoo, saying that they won't be hiring me. This wouldn't be so bad if they didn't keep sending me the same email every two hours to remind me that I am still unemployed. FML
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Guess what? You're still unemployed.

Unless you studied zoology. Gets real awkward then...


xxsarahfxx 6

atleast you don't have to clean up shit and stuff and smell them.

Guess what? You're still unemployed.

Seems like the monkeys are doing double jobs.

MrsLender_fml 3

They already have enough elephants OP! they dont need another one.

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your also getting alot of emails from a zoo about not getting a job?

conan13_fml 0

I think she mean she doesn't have a job as well...

randomchickkk 0

would you really want to work at zoo anyway? you can find better :)

Unless you studied zoology. Gets real awkward then...

a_nutritionist 10

why would you wanna work in your dream job? you could find better. oh because other peoples opinions of your career path are pointless nonsense.

I wonder if they realize that they're doing that. lol.

No the monkey that's typing keeps forgetting.

Really, don't work at a zoo. The work seems cool, but the people are horrible. The good ones all leave to become teachers. Find something else to do. And yes, I speak from personal experience.

the zoo is really not a bad place to work. The job has ups and downs like any job. I love working at the zoo, even if the customers can be dumb shit heads...

I do speak from experience at not one but two different zoos. People who work with animals tend to lack any people skills, which makes for a bad work enviornment. Those that you can work with tend to leave the job (and often land somewhere totally different) because they can't work with those that don't. Not to mention that most are non-profit jobs, which bring on their own set of problems. And really, the customers aren't any worse than they are in retail jobs.

Yeah his employers sound like asses thats is if they are doing it on purpose

XxMaseratiGurlxX 1

call them and scream at them. lol jk that would make you look bad. haha

you can find a better path of life OP :D

xixifwadi 0

ahhhh that sucks, I would know because i can't find a job either and am losing hope when I get rejected from sonic, dairy queen and mcdonalds.

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ugh, I got rejected from mcdonald's as well, and auntie anne's. what's wrong with the managers these days not hiring someone even with experience?!