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  Yudith  |  20

If this situation continues, getting wedded will be the only way to prove the police that you are indeed living together and do deserve to be less than six feet apart.

By  silvermoon5033  |  26

Same situation. We had been planning the wedding for almost 2 years. You'll get over it.
Just pick another day in the future or do what someone else suggested and just have a "courthouse" wedding. If you love the person, you'll be able to wait or decide to go small. It's about the two of you. Nothing else. Best of luck

By  Susan Yee  |  9

Just do it through Zoom.

By  Madison Gliosci  |  16

I mean I’m in the same boat but we just postponed it... and we’re getting married on our chosen day still. Just us and a justice of the peace. We just postponed the celebration. Canceling seems overkill. But I do feel for you.