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Today, I had to call the cops to break up a fistfight at my mother's funeral. It turns out my two brothers care more about having a pissing match over their favorite football teams than they do honoring our mother's memory. FML
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How incredibly immature. I'm very sorry for your loss OP.

Hope they stay in jail for a bit and realize what's important in life...


How incredibly immature. I'm very sorry for your loss OP.

Immature isn't the right word that is absolutely disgusting behaviour, I'm very sorry for your loss op.

"How dare you call me a cootie queen you lint lickerrrrrrr!" *fight ensues*

I'm sorry for your loss OP, my condolences to you and yours. It'll get easier as time goes. I promise.

12 - I don't think it gets easier. OP - The loss of a loved one, especially a mom, makes people behave in a way that is almost all too expected. The day my mom died my oldest sister went out and got wasted, which is a typical way for her to self medicate/"cope." Nothing and everything changes. I'm sure they'll see the error of their ways eventually. Hugs and love, OP.

Why must everyone be sad at funerals. I mean if I'm going to die why do I have to ruin everyone's day? I hope this happens at my funeral.

33 - Yes, because I'm sure a fight perked things up wonderfully and cheered everyone (end sarcasm). My family doesn't do "sad" funerals either, but I don't care who you are, a fight is never appropriate at a funeral unless the one being remembered was an MMA fighter or something.

Funeral and weddings, bring out all types. Family fun for everyone.

There really ain't nothin like a fight to brighten the mood in any situation.

This is by far the most immature, stupid, inane, and most of all disrespectful thing I've ever heard or read. If I were there not just the cops but an ambulance and paramedic would be called to take the 2 brother to the hospital after I was done teaching them.

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39 We don't do sad funerals either. We try to celebrate their life. I'm very sorry for your loss OP. I hope that you have many memories to help get you through the hardest of times.

1, the immaturity shown between these brothers, during their own mother's funeral, is nearly too hard to believe! There is a time and a place for every discussion. Years from now, the brothers will be drinking their sorrows away due to the fact that they were complete assholes and showed no respect at their mother's funeral. At least, that's what I suspect and it doesn't seem far fetched.

Hope they stay in jail for a bit and realize what's important in life...

Not getting anally raped by a prisoner named Bubba? Those brothers will get their priorities straight real quick.. No pun intended.

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I think they already know what's important...

Maybe that was their way of coping with it: not coping with it at all...I don't know why I'm defending these guys, but some people are just weird.

I'd talk to a lawyer and see you get all of the money instead of them

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That would make OP just as immature and selfish as her brothers.

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I would say she's more worried about her mothers' death now then money.

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The kids generally don't get the money if the dad is still alive, so hopefully none of them will be getting it yet. The brothers are disgustingly rude and I'm sorry but you don't call the cops on your siblings ._. it's called "Hey uncle, uncle, nephew, nephew and myself, lets all break it up ourselves"

Family doesn't mean spit when there's fisticuffs involved. If my brother came home drunk out of his mind and starts shouting nonsense and starts punching a car, there's gonna be blue lights flashing soon.

31, there is this thing called being a single parent. Not everyone has a dad. Plus, statistics say that men usually die first.

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Wow I'm very sorry OP. At least you were responsible and mature enough to show proper appreciation.

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Why the hell would people say u deserve that? Really so dumb!!!

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Hitting it on accident, trolls, people who somehow thought OP deserved it. I know I've accidentally hit the YDI or the FYL button when I meant to hit the opposite.

I don't know... Some people are assholes. Hitting ydi for some stupid fml is one thing, but on one as painful as this? Obviously the people hitting that button are incapable of understanding the emotional turmoil a person has to go through sooner or later in life. A real human wouldn't even joke about that.

Don't understimatw lack of empathy, least of all in the Internet.

Sports are supposed to be for entertainment and fun, it saddens me to see when they are put above family. :( My condolences, OP.

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Oh the shame! Unless mommy's used to this kind of thing then she'll sit back watching with a bowl of popcorn in heaven.

You should disown them. You can't possibly be related, anyway.

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Please tell me your brothers are under the age of ten.

I usually wouldn't call cops on two 10 year olds fighting, but hey...whatever floats your boat

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15- jesus even at age ten i had the common sense that a funeral was no place for this kind of behaviour... More like 5....