By justabitembarrassed - 07/10/2012 14:20 - United States - Chagrin Falls

Today, my boyfriend learned how to somersault. He now thinks that he's a ninja and somersaults into every room. FML
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NukedaZoo 4

He can't become invisible. Therefore, he is NOT a ninja.


NukedaZoo 4
enormouselephant 15

If you can see him do it then he is no ninja.

detroitsucks247 3

What would jesus do? youre goddamn right hed somersault into every room! -influenced by Daniel Tosh

So that you could take the g off every ******' verbjective and sound like a friggin' badass? I'm lovin' your style, Noor.

At least the boyfriend isn't moonwalking into every room... Actually, that's be freaking awesome.

Did he really use WWJD and GD in the same comment?

I like to think this is how Jackie Chan first started his career of his own ninja moves

He is a terrible ninja if you notice him at all...

detroitsucks247 3

Well you ***didnt*** need to be quite so rude.

Sitaaboo 6

Hahahha I read your comment and your picture I busted out laughing after I read the story lmfao!

68- I don't understand why you're given as many thumbs-down as you do. It's a valid point.

104, when Noor said apostrophes were meant for a reason, she meant apostrophes. You know. Like on it's and you're or our's, those little floaty commas. Not asterisks. Which are the little stars you used. Did you miss that day in 4th grade where they taught us what they were used for?.

158- Clearly #104 was using the asterisks to draw attention to the word "didn't" in which he hasn't used an apostrophe in an attempt to make Noor mad. Poor attempt, however.

this is cute. my partner has just got some new slippers and insists on skidding around the house. OP needs to lighten up

There is no apostrophe in "ours" not that I've ever been aware of at least.

It could be worse. He could've gotten an eyepatch...

2- so you think he's doing somersaults because he doesn't have directv? Interesting theory.....

Sinamoi 18

15- I look forward to killing you soon.

#2- Oh look, a downward thumb! *press* no, just no.

He should be ok, just worry if he starts wearing a ninja costume.

It's all fun and games til someone breaks their face.

#78- I never believed that there was a such thing as a dumb question until I read your comment.

He can't become invisible. Therefore, he is NOT a ninja.

Glitterhinoceros 14

He needs Noor to teach him the ways of the ninja.

Ninjas make you think they're invisible, they are not actually invisible.

30- Nice disguise there. "not Noor" lol seems legit.

Wow, I feel like an idiot for not realizing that was Noor until reading the following comment...

47- At least you believe that which is true...

brittanyrmh_ 12

He didn't know how to somersault before?

brittanyrmh_ 12

Somersaults are particularly meticulous

I think I was age 2 when I learned how to somersault. How old is this guy?

Samandra 4

5/38- I'm not good at somersaults. I always think I'm gonna break my neck!

#121 go back and read comment #35 His age doesn't matter. I'm 17 and I can't even do it.

CantusVulpis 12

I can back walkover, cartwheel, pirouette, touch my head with my feet, yet I can not somersault. When I do I go sideways and look like 3 year old.

If he was a real ninja you wouldn't be able to see him. I call shenanigans. I guess Doc beat me to it. Great minds think alike, no?

Please please PLEASE don't compare my mind to yours, Sean. *shudder*

I suppose it would be a lot of pressure having to stay on my level, Doc. You're wise in avoiding such a daunting undertaking, for being my equal is no task for the faint of heart. I think you could do it though; I believe in you!

skyeyez9 24

Doc, my mom's friend is an ER doctor and shared a funny story: a few mos ago a man came in the ER complaining of severe abdominal pain. They had x rays done and it showed an entire Barbie doll shoved up his ass. The Barbie's arms were pointed upwards over her head. When he was asked "why" His excuse was "I was playing Barbies with my daughter, and she must have set it on the couch right before I sat down."

39 - I think there was an fml like that too, except there was an iPhone 5 up his ass, not Barbie

Well unless of course she too knows how to summersault and has the blood of a real ninja.

RedPillSucks 31

Same guy. He was using the Barbie to get the phone. That's why her arms were above her head

6 good to see you back troll! It's been a few months.

I guess I just needed some time on my own, but it's nice to be back! I've missed this place.

39, Why on earth was he playing Barbies with his daughter while not wearing pants?

If he is a ninja, then he can teleport into rooms.

Sinamoi 18

Teleportation is a common misconception about our people. We cannot teleport. We can, however, move very quickly, thereby giving the illusion of teleportation.

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ciumegu 6

Sounds like fun maybe you should join him?

How is that a problem? As long as he doesn't run over someone I'm pretty sure it's ok.

RealTalk0 7

Sounds like someone's jealous. ;)