By Skidmark Sally - 07/10/2012 21:41 - United States - Las Cruces

Today, while working at the daycare, I had to clean the entire place. During the next four hours, I scooped up three human teeth, a rotten log of shit, a tire iron, a condom wrapper, and a yogurt that expired in 2003. I only cleaned the place a week ago. FML
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trellz17 19

A used condom wrapper? What the hell are those kids doing!


It's actually for teenagers. There's this new thing where the government doesn't want them to do anything.. so daycare.

Wait...a yogurt from 2003??? How in the world does that work? And the condom wrapper ?? Please explain..

19- obviously within a week some people have decided to dump their trash at the daycare

Sitaaboo 6

Right. A daycare for youngins, young kids these days. Haha a lot of random stuff lol

seriously, I feel bad for the kids at that daycare.

SenselessPattern 12

By daycare OP could mean retirement home. It would explain everything except the tire iron. The tire iron mystery continues...

Lmao and I bet you that if it was thought of earlier, we would have one

brittanyrmh_ 12

77- Or the fact that some kids are little shit disturbers could be a plausible explanation, also.

35- it is 2012...a yogurt cup from 2003? You're kidding right? Even if someone did dump their trash...why would they still have a yogurt cup from 03??

Wtf? How did a dam tire iron get in there? (>.>)

Damn.... I'd find a new job if I were you.

With a name like "Skidmark Sally," this might actually be the perfect job for her..

If I were a parent I'd be finding a new daycare

Calling health services is more like it!

That's ******* gross. How did you find a yogurt from 2003 that could have only gotten there a week ago? Not to mention the condom wrapper...

Maybe op isn't cleaning as thoroughly as he/she think they are...?

Kids probably brought it in with them from home...

Well the wrapper could have been stuck on a shoe, or fallen out of a purse. I wanna know how the tire iron got there...

It's clearly evidence of time travel.

42, didn't you know that new thing now is to carry a tire iron everywhere you go?

64: I agree. The tire iron makes me the most curious.

Why is everyone so concerned with the condom rapper? Obviously some kid went through his parents' bedroom and wanted to show off his "find". I'm more concerned with how some kid, with adult supervision, and without the fuss of the other children managed to take a dump in the corner.

82, go sit in a room with 15 five year olds by yourself. A lot can get past you. Plus, OP only said they found A log. It could have fallen out of a younger kids diaper or an older kids underwear.

trellz17 19

A used condom wrapper? What the hell are those kids doing!

Obviously daycare isn't quite what I remember it to be...

They grow up so fast. Yesterday diapers, today orgy.

kaileylovesyew 4

Sex Ed is being taught at an extremely young age now a days.

Yes and either with demonstrations or in practice. Ah the fantasies of youth.

The wrapper was just a Package for those new finger puppets.

kxxjoejoexxk 8

Am i the only one to thumbs up this

BunchieRules 31
kristirhong 12

Not a used *wrapper*. People don't use condom wrappers for sex. :P

I think you meant to ask what they are in fact, not doing.

trellz17 19

147 yeah I realised that after I wrote it. Oh well too late now.

A condom and what was obviously a preschool brawl. They're getting younger and younger.

But that doesn't explain the yogurt...

Ok here's what happened. Some kid gave his gf some yogurt and a condom. When she saw the yogurt was expired she was very offended at that and the implications of what the condom meant so she grabbed the tire iron she kept in her diaper bag and knocked his block and three of his teeth out. He was so shocked he shit a log. The End!

Wait a second. Shouldn't Noor be the one making up these stories?

A condom wrapper at a daycare? Think it's about 9 or so months too late for that.

What size was the used condom? If it was extra small those kids are getting funky at daycare!

Mysterion345 11

I'm quite concerned about that work enviroment

Okay, I can see why you would find teeth, shit, and expired foods at a daycare.. but a condom wrapper?

thenamestaco171 2

The kids OBVIOUSLY found some amazing things, and you just destroyed their precious finds. :O

amandajlucas2015 2

The most intelligent comment do far.. Explains y the expired food from 2003 wasn't there last week and everything else as well

9- I completely agree with your profile picture.... But as far as your picture is concerned; we are enemies.... Also, I would more expect to find pocket knives rather than tire irons... Parents must be concerned about safety there, to send a tire iron in their kids diaper bag!

Son, if that little bastard jimmy tries to take your girl from you, beat him with this tire iron and rub his face in your poop. Oh! I almost forgot, here is a condom for lil sally.

Poop is an amazing thing? Guys, I think I just found heaven in a toilet.

thenamestaco171 2

Do I really have to have to explain an FML? No, i just made a comment.

n00b commenters say the most overused things....

Schizomaniac 24

16, what classifies as a noob commenter? Isn't that relative? I started commenting in 2010, so does that make you a noob commenter? If Freeze or Sirin come around, would I then be a noob commenter? If it's anything I can classify as "noob," it's when people call other people out for no reason to try to look better themselves. Everyone makes a stupid comment every now and again. Hop off, brah.

>200 comments makes someone not a noob. So we're all good (well, not Evig) It's that when people are new here, they don't know not to say the 7 deadly comments of FML: 1. Shit happens/that's a shitty situation 2. I see what you did there 3. Kids say the darnedest things 4. Wow that sucks 5. Doesn't matter had sex! 6. What a well thought out comment 7. First!!!!!! Saying these are guaranteed to bring on lots of negative thumbs/will get you buried.

Sinkhole 26

So, I could have been reading the site for a couple of years, but if I don't meet your comment quota I'm a noob? Commenters with thousands of comments still use the "that's a shitty situation". In any case, at this moment, your comment has more thumbs down than 10's comment. Maybe you should have added an 8th point to your list: a point about people who call each other noobs.

Lol I find it funny how the one a$$hole thinks he is cool calling someone out for a GOOD comment when he is just getting thumbed down for his a$$hole-ness. Give up a$$hole, just give up.