By big steve - 11/02/2012 18:35 - United States

Today, I had to call AAA for the fifth time in two months. When the driver got out, I instantly recognized him. It was the same guy who helped me out all the previous occasions. When he saw me, he snorted and doubled over laughing. FML
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After five times I can't blame the man. Lol

Sounds like you two could be really good friends if this keeps happening(:


Wha?! How?! Hmm...

I understand why he would laugh, so as long as he fixed the problem, I wouldn't care much.

This is the product of quick thinking for the first comment.

time for a new car op

1 makes me almost not conceited to say everybody here wishes I had gotten first instead.

If I was that guy, I would be more than a little suspicious lol..

OP must be their number 1 costumer.

agree, in fact its probably past time for a new one!

Maybe it's fate...were you 2 meant to be together?:)

48 - wait, costumer or customer?

I suck at spelling. Probably because I used to cheat on my spelling tests in elementary school.

"..and the moral of that story, kids, is that if you cheat on your spelling tests you'll end up making costumes for AAA!"

After five times I can't blame the man. Lol

If it's the same thing that's broken maybe he's laughing at the fact his repair attempts don't work. At that op is too lazy to get a new car

Hahalol! What was the reason??

Op just wanted to get their money's worth lol there wasn't anything wrong at all lol

That's some good help

At least he didn't call he friend and tell him how "It's like the tenth fucking time, lol"

"Bend over or curl up, typically because one is overcome with pain or mirth(amusement)" You're welcome.

What's the point in googleing it now 16 already told them?

The fmls I send in that get rejected are 100000xs funnier then this one.

It's okay, I'm pretty sure everyone feels that way

I probably would have laughed as well, in all honesty

I don't blame him. But shit happens.. I don't see how he can find it THAT funny.

Yea, OP must be really blonde!! (plus ability to recognize, overall she can't do much else)

I love how a lot of us are assuming this FML is made by a woman xD "Oh, those females and their car problems!" I might have also if I didn't observe the parentheses ^_^

A guy can't be blonde now?

Well what did you do? Lock your keys in your car? Cause I probably would have bursted out laughing the second time.