By beccaj_ilh - United Kingdom
Today, while I was working in a bar, a very fat drunk guy kept flirting with me. He assumed I liked him because I kept blushing. I didn’t. It’s just been so long since anyone flirted with me that I apparently now cannot control my reactions if a man talks to me. FML
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By  Ret_fml  |  0

This is a really lame FML.
A guy's flirting with you. He may not be your taste, but there's nothing fucked about your life if that's the worst that's happened to you :|

By  Phalankx  |  0

Today, while visiting a bar, i saw this desperate and lonely girl working. She looked like she hasn't gotten some in a while, so i gave her the benefit of the doubt and decided to flatter her. When i asked her if she wanted to go home, she turned me down due to my weight. At least now i know why she hasn't gotten some. FML

  Star18lk  |  0

Wow. Your cool. NOT. And maybe guys do like her but just dont talk to her? You cant judge people. For example. Since you said this im going to ASSUME you have no life and like making fun of other people to try and bring up your own self confidence