Hard knock life

By rockytrolley - 08/10/2014 09:01 - Cyprus

Today, my taxi driver kept falling asleep and swerving off the road, so I asked him if he was okay. He stopped and burst out sobbing about the long hours he had to do after his divorce, and his wife taking all he had. Long story short, I ended up driving him home and getting another taxi from his place. FML
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sionis 3

I agree that sucks but good on your for driving him home

Compassion is becoming rare. You did a good thing.


sionis 3

I agree that sucks but good on your for driving him home

I agree, you're a great person OP. Sorry about that tho and hopefully he didn't charge you to drive him

incoherentrmblr 21

The passenger driving the taxi driver home. That's a first. After all the crap he's been trough, I hope you didn't charge him and vice versa...

rockytrolley 8

Lol thanks he didn't charge me thankfully

Goblin182 26

Compassion is becoming rare. You did a good thing.

yah not many people give a shit about others. You are one of the good ones!

The fact that you took so much time out of what you were supposed to be doing to show this man compassion and generosity is awesome! I imagine the drive to his house and the wait for a new cab to get you back to where you were supposed to be was long, but this is one of the nicest things I've heard in a long time! You really went out of your way to help someone, & I hope that the taxi driver will do the same for someone else.

And you charged him for therapy and a cab ride right, OP?

:O I just have to ask... what is wrong with you??

It was sarcasm as well making fun of the irony.

RedPillSucks 31

Obvious sarcasm. I thought it was funny

jme_noor 9

Congrats in being a good person OP

Agreed. There needs to be more people like OP in the world

FHL, it's a good thing he got someone in his cab like you who actually cared enough to take him home. Most people would cause him more trouble. You did your good deed for the day Op!

Well at least u listened, that can really help

jazzy_123 20

That is so sweet of you, he's been lucky to have had a customer like you!