By FuckLife - 11/02/2012 13:41 - Australia

Today, my friend's kid chased me with a rusty, sharp tent peg and threatened to kill me. When I finally got him to calm down he ran off to his room. Later, I found the tent peg under his pillow with a note that said my name. My friend thinks it's hilarious. I am staying here for a week. FML
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Would you like me to present you with an award or do you prefer to bask in your glory alone?

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Sounds like you're walking on a bed of... Pegs.

you sir are my idol I want to be first when I grow up

Well since being first is just getting harassed by lame jokes, i won't be first again. Sheesh

Well what exactly did you expect us to do? Congratulate you?

You will get harassed if you waste the comment on something stupid like "first."

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Looks like you're walking on a dangerous bed of... Pegs.

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Obviously that kid is a soulless ginger.

Just get the ****** peg while he's sleeping, even at that it's not too hard to subdue a child *pedobear*

Having your name stuck to a sharp pointy thing sounds pretty deathly to me

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What were you doing looking under his pillow...?

Maybe he wanted to start a pillow fight???

Probably was looking for the peg so he/she could make sure the kid didn't try to kill op in his/her sleep.

If there was a tent peg under your pillow you would probably notice it.

You make a good point what the hell is he doing in the kids bedroom. kids are a lot smarter than you think, you obviously piss that kid off really bad.

If you found the peg under the pillow, why didn't you just take it and throw it away?

Kids are easy to scare anyway. Just say your gonna kill him or just show him you are stronger than him and beat him up. JK. Calm down everyone.

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No, you had a point 141. Go all Cesar Milan on that future serial killer!

...or possibly psychological help? That may work just a little bit better...

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I think 5 was making a reference to a YFM song called "Whip Yo Kids", which is about a guy who is irritated by parents not disciplining their children. That said, more violence would probably make it worse, what with the whole role model thing.

Kid needs help! Mother should give her head a shake and realize that.

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While the kid is sleeping OP can hold a knife over his/head while he/she wakes up and then run out the room giggling (old fml post reference...) Just an idea... Don't hate Bring on the thumbs downs!!!

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If he comes after you again, falcon punch him.

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That's his way of saying, "let's be friends."

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Good thing it wasn't a rusty spoon

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Is this the child named 'Damien' from the movie 'The Omen' by any chance?

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Who knew a cute kid could be capable of such demonic things? :X

You look to young to know about that movie, unless you are a horror film buff.