By FuckLife - Australia
Today, my friend's kid chased me with a rusty, sharp tent peg and threatened to kill me. When I finally got him to calm down he ran off to his room. Later, I found the tent peg under his pillow with a note that said my name. My friend thinks it's hilarious. I am staying here for a week. FML
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  Sumo69  |  9

You make a good point what the hell is he doing in the kids bedroom. kids are a lot smarter than you think, you obviously piss that kid off really bad.

  nava1210  |  12

Kids are easy to scare anyway. Just say your gonna kill him or just show him you are stronger than him and beat him up. JK. Calm down everyone.

  Link5794  |  18

I think 5 was making a reference to a YFM song called "Whip Yo Kids", which is about a guy who is irritated by parents not disciplining their children. That said, more violence would probably make it worse, what with the whole role model thing.

  GVirdi  |  11

While the kid is sleeping OP can hold a knife over his/head while he/she wakes up and then run out the room giggling (old fml post reference...)
Just an idea... Don't hate
Bring on the thumbs downs!!!