By bballer4_life - 14/12/2016 23:22 - United States - Erie

Today, I made dozens of cookies just in time for Christmas. When I went to take out the last pan from the oven, I slipped. In a desperate attempt to catch the pan I grabbed it with my bare hand. My hand is striped like a candy cane. FML
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cootiequeen4444 11

candy cane hands through excruciating burns? shrug to those who question and say "just being hardcore for the holidays. idk"


I suddenly feel inadequate at my lack of holiday preparation if baking cookies midway through December is considered "just in time for Christmas".

Last night with you. I swear that never happens. I was nervous okay?!

Good thing you caught that pan. Wouldn't want the cookies all over the floor.

On a positive note, at least it was the last batch. Most of the cookies survived!

ber4fun 23

Just in time? Today is the 19th, but your dedicated to the holidays will not go unnoticed by whoever eats the first batches of cookies.

Even you are now decorated for Christmas. But for real, that has to suck. Hope it doesn't hurt for too long or scar.

A week till Xmas is just in time!!! I give up then ?

Call your general practitioner, if you have one, and ask for silver sulfadiazine burn cream. Helps with pain and helps it heal faster.