What the puck?

By Anonymous - 04/04/2013 14:29 - United States - Portsmouth

Today, I had my first game ever as an ice hockey goalie. Our team didn't have a goalie helmet, so they gave me a regular one which didn't cover me completely. I was worried about it and told my coach, but he said I would be fine. I then took a puck to the throat that sent me to hospital. FML
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stevenJB 25

Isn't there a rule that says if there's no proper equipment you or the team can't play?? Or get your coach in trouble for that?

heck of a save though, that'll make the highlight reel


stevenJB 25

Isn't there a rule that says if there's no proper equipment you or the team can't play?? Or get your coach in trouble for that?

No, but in the NHL yes. But for younger leagues that don't have real goalie masks there's a plastic shield people can buy to strap onto a normal helmet.

ArielTheMermaid 17

I used to be a goalie, but then I took a puck to the throat

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As a goalie, who has had his fair share of injuries I can say that you should not EVER go on the ice with improperly fitting equipment. Improper equipment should not even be considered - ever. There's a reason goalies have special equipment - because we need it!

actually there are rules like that in younger leagues, it just depends on age group, also its ice hockey the coach should know better, he has no business coaching if hes gonna make decisions like that, a puck to the throat is potentially fatal same with blades from skates

#64 What did the poor innocent couch do to her?

I don't see how suing furniture will help in this situation?

In my league goalies can where any sort of helmet as long as the butt end of a stick can't fit through the cage and you have a plastic throat guard tied on. But you can wear player skates and hip pads if you want, but I don't see why you'd want to.

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#80 what did the "poor, innocent couch" do to her?

tjv3 10

Do you play for district 5 ? Sorry that's from an old movie . The mighty ducks

chell1894 13

Since this is America and you can sue for anything you should sue. At least for the cost of your medical bills.

Why do people like you always have to make hell out if an innocent thing, The coach just wanted the kids to have fun and an accident happened their is no reason to get someone fired over that. (when you play sports shit happens)

#121 Since this is America your probably a fat dumb ass

#64 He couldn't sue the couch considering it's an inhabitant object and had no involvement with the injury. As for the coach, don't know.

does anyone else think OP hold some of the blame? I mean if I was asked to do it without proper equipment, I would have said no! But then I was thought to think for myself. If you won't ensure your own safety, who will? Yes the coach should be reprimanded for putting his player in harms way. Regardless of anything else as the adult, he shouldn't have let this happen.

heck of a save though, that'll make the highlight reel

Damian95 16

Haha way to fail at your "goal." Anyone? No? Ok...

I feel ESPN "Top Ten" coming on here...

Clearly, your coach didn't care about your well-being. You should drop him on his coccyx and tell him that everything will be A-OK.

Ah man not the coccyx! Anything but the coccyx!

I only mention it because it actually happened to me. It's waaaaay easier for someone else to say that something is "OK" when they're not the ones shelling out dough to get their lower back examined (and, of course, the incapacitation that comes with lumbar spine/coccyx injuries). Lolz.

Coaches are worthless. They take the game too seriously and ruin the fun, along with over zealous parents. All they care about is winning.

TheManager 6

That pucking sucks bro. Usually a hockey players health relies goalie on that helmet so I feel your pain.

There should be some sort of regulation against that. Feel better OP!

Ha coach must have been "walk it off walk it off, put some ice on it".

Unfortunately there is not, but in most leagues goalies are forced to wear a plastic throat guard that hangs off of their helmet. On the bright side he didn't get his throat cut by a skate.

How does he deserve this? Sorry OP you'll be in my prayers bro.

stevenJB 25

How does SHE not deserve this? If you get on the field of play without proper equipement you deserve any injuries you get.

9lashes 15

-56 it was irresponsible but i dont think anyone DESERVES to get hit in the throat with a hockey puck

That's debatable 112. Some people definitely deserve a puck to the throat if you ask me lol

obviousboy 8

Well, I hope your coach learned his lesson. Maybe next time he'll put safety over the desire to win.

lucyy123 14

I'm a ice hockey goalie as well! And that was wrong of your coach you should've told him you wouldn't play unless you were sure to be safe. Sorry OP FYL

NickaPLZ 26

That's what I was thinking... But then again, I don't give a shit about sports enough to get the itch to play. So maybe I'd be biased to tell the coach to "**** off, or find me real helmet."

I would tell my parents so they can sue him! See if he's okay then :D

Sue him, and spend more on lawyer fees than you'd actually win off him. Added to the fact OP willingly played without the full mask. Not to mention the entire club, friends included would hate him, and he'd never be able to play for them again. Sounds like a great ******* idea.

My league as well as my high school make you sign a waiver of liability that states that in the event of an injury the coach, officials, and members of the league cannot be held liable in the event of an injury sustained during a game or official practice. OP might not be able to sue if her league is like this.

RedPillSucks 31

Those waivers aren't worth much. A good lawyer can find ways around them. Especially if OP is a minor.

Sorry, that waiver isn't going to mean much when negligence or safety violations are involved.

@61 generaly speaking in a lawsuit case the lawyer gets a cut of the settlement and the winners court fees are paid by the loser. so really you don't pay any money out of pocket if you win.

You will pay with your time. Lawsuits are long and exhausting.

baileymariee 10

I'm surprised the refs allowed you to step foot in the goal. What a terrible coach.

In the coach's defense, I'm sure he felt horrible and like an ass after it happened. But still, it's a pretty poor coach that puts their players on the ice without proper safety equipment.

TheDrifter 23

It was likely one of the full face mesh guards that most minor leagues require for all players. They don't protect the neck, but they make official safety spec for all positions. Goalies should have a padded neck guard on no matter what sort of helmet, as pucks can get by them all.