By princessrose - United States - Shawnee
Today, I went by myself to do a birthday party in a park, dressed as Elsa from Frozen. Everything was going fine until another Elsa and an Anna showed up to a nearby party. The kids then decided I was a fake and pulled my wig off. FML
princessrose_fml tells us more :
Hi. I'm so excited this got posted. This actually happened a couple months ago. It was my first time as Elsa. And my first time alone. Unfortunately the new wig we had ordered was not very good. (The old one was unusable) and the kids at the party were already doubtful. But when the other Elsa showed up with Anna the kids decided I was the fake one and started pulling at me. They didn't pull it all the way off but we're able to tell it was a wig. However the parents were totally understanding and helped me out. Saying I we were else's helpers just like Santa :) in the end I even got tipped. Its a story I tell people now as it is something that would only happen to me. (I have bad luck) Also To those saying I shouldn't do Elsa. I couldn't say no to the party as Elsa. I get paid $50 an hour. Would you say no to that?
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By  chuka81  |  27

Don't let them know, don't let them see. Be the Elsa they always thought you were. Don't let them that you're a fake, but now they know. Run away, Run away or they'd pull your wig off.