By Anonymous - 21/05/2009 16:41 - Canada

Today, I woke up early to take my dog for a walk. I wore spandex shorts. I stopped to talk to several people I know and passed a group of hot construction workers who checked me out. I just got home and realized I have the biggest cameltoe I've ever seen in my life. FML
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Why the EFF would you wear spandex shorts? You obviously wanted attention. If you dont have a cameltoe but when you wore them it looked like you did, YOU DO NOT AND SHOULD NOT WEAR SPANDEX. YDI

That's pretty nasty. Wear less tight shorts next time.

1. Not Nasty. 2. Spandex will do that regardless. 3. you probably have a really nice ******. 4. Call me. =)

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YDI for not realizing what shows. @1 - epic WIN

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That does suck, but you did make the construction workers day interesting.

okay, construction workers? seriously?

Seriously. They can be pretty attractive. Scruffy men FTW!

#4: Lol! OP: Spandex doesn't look very good on almost everyone, so wear something a bit looser next time.