By parental failure - / Sunday 3 March 2013 17:03 / Canada - Langley
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  Mischief109  |  11

62- so you'd rather her be a lesbian and then become a Justin beiber fan?

  LolaBieber  |  5

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  p36288  |  17

Anyone who can explain 1# to me? isn't JB a boy? Why say lesbian? sorry i'm not native English speaker.


Sorry folks downed you instead of explaining. "Everyone" calls JB a girl because he's so flamboyantly annoyingly feminine. We just like to call him a girl because calling him anything but would suggest he possibly is a man. And we wouldn't want that.

No seriously, we don't want him to be a man.

  Mischief109  |  11

I made my comment because in my education of grammar and such, when a person uses the word then it means they want something to happen first and then have another thing to happen. The way I interpreted their comment was that they should've used than, not then.


Bieber isn't gay, and I know you know that. What I wish you knew was how hurtful it must be to be called a fag and a girl everyday of your life, by random people who don't even know you. As "funny" as that comment was, it was also unnecessary.

  Mossears133  |  15

189- If anybody's gonna go out in the world and make themselves famous, they gotta take the heat that comes with it. If Beiber's gonna dress and sing like a girl (note that both problems could be fixed with a: common sense, and b: today's autotuning technology), then he's gonna have to deal with the heat that (s)he brought on!

  CetaBabe  |  17

You know, it makes me laugh how many people get upset by others "hating" on Justin Beiber - "Wish you knew what it was like...etc."
There are people out there who have been through more shit than the same old comments being repeated and do people get upset about their troubles? No! It's one thing to have abuse online, where people hide behind a username to give grief; it's a whole other thing when the people come up to you day in day out and make your life a living hell!
What, just because he's famous suddenly makes him a better person and more important than anyone else? Gee, glad to know that's how the world works -.-

  RamenForTheWin  |  10

Well, Justin Bieber is the butt of many jokes because he was a late bloomer and had a feminine face. Really, they are just angry that he made it and they are stuck in a job they hate. Or, they feel that because they don't like his music, they have to make fun of him all the time.

By  perdix  |  29

Looks like she's making the next load of laundry for you. That's not pee in those panties ;)

  Grauncho  |  26

You're so fucking unfunny

  rinzlerkitty94  |  31

Girls often discover masturbation at a young age, I was 4. It's actually a healthy part of life, and it doesn't at all make a girl a slut. After all, no one calls a guy a whore for masturbating. They call it natural.