By parental failure - 03/03/2013 17:03 - Canada - Langley

Today, I went to my daughter's room with clean laundry. I found her lying on her bed with a hand down her pants, totally zoned out and staring blankly at the Justin Bieber poster on her wall. FML
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I'm sorry you had to find out your daughter was a lesbian like that, without her telling you herself.

The first warning was when she got the Bieber poster in the first place.


I'm sorry you had to find out your daughter was a lesbian like that, without her telling you herself.

The_Honey_Badger 17

I'd rather my daughter be a lesbian then find out she's a "belieber".

62- so you'd rather her be a lesbian and then become a Justin beiber fan?

71-thats obviously what 62 said..unless he doesnt know his then and than haha

Bubbelz 25

1, you have won the internet and my heart.

Yes sorry about that, I noticed immediately. English isn't actually my first language so sometimes I still get confused.

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Definitely the most thumbs up I've ever seen on a comment.

Lololol seriously proves the stupidity of Beaver fans... No shit it isn't a girl..

I'd rather be unknown and talented than mediocre and famous.

I wish you could favourite comments because I would totally favourite yours #1!

Anyone who can explain 1# to me? isn't JB a boy? Why say lesbian? sorry i'm not native English speaker.

Lesbian Hating Making famous. I'm surprised you tried apostrophes but your sentence failed.

126: It's because Justin Bieber looks extremely feminine, so people like to imply he's a woman.

Yes he is successful, but you know who else was successful? Hitler, guess we shouldn't hate on him either right?

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This really is the new record of the whole FML history. Very impressive. Congrats #1! YDI

Rumor has it that Justin(e) actually has a penis. Maybe your daughter was just looking for hers.

dinosaurfeet 10

I don't understand, why hate? He's a person too. You wouldn't like if people hated you so stop, it's very immature.

Oh my. I comment, check on this a day later... And this happens. I feel as if my life is complete.

Sorry folks downed you instead of explaining. "Everyone" calls JB a girl because he's so flamboyantly annoyingly feminine. We just like to call him a girl because calling him anything but would suggest he possibly is a man. And we wouldn't want that. No seriously, we don't want him to be a man.

I made my comment because in my education of grammar and such, when a person uses the word then it means they want something to happen first and then have another thing to happen. The way I interpreted their comment was that they should've used than, not then.

PeriodCrampsSuck 6

Bieber isn't gay, and I know you know that. What I wish you knew was how hurtful it must be to be called a fag and a girl everyday of your life, by random people who don't even know you. As "funny" as that comment was, it was also unnecessary.

189- This is FML. I think the goal is to be as hurtfully witty or rude as you can be, at least for trivial things like this.

coldkilla70 9

Just a joke. People say he's a female

189- If anybody's gonna go out in the world and make themselves famous, they gotta take the heat that comes with it. If Beiber's gonna dress and sing like a girl (note that both problems could be fixed with a: common sense, and b: today's autotuning technology), then he's gonna have to deal with the heat that (s)he brought on!

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#108 Why are there so many unnecessary e's in your post? There are even some that should be a's.

xKeroseneHearts 9

Nice standing up for your douche. Have fun when you find out he's gay.

xKeroseneHearts 9

Oh, and learn how to spell. Thanks.

CetaBabe 17

You know, it makes me laugh how many people get upset by others "hating" on Justin Beiber - "Wish you knew what it was like...etc." There are people out there who have been through more shit than the same old comments being repeated and do people get upset about their troubles? No! It's one thing to have abuse online, where people hide behind a username to give grief; it's a whole other thing when the people come up to you day in day out and make your life a living hell! What, just because he's famous suddenly makes him a better person and more important than anyone else? Gee, glad to know that's how the world works -.-

RamenForTheWin 10
RamenForTheWin 10

Well, Justin Bieber is the butt of many jokes because he was a late bloomer and had a feminine face. Really, they are just angry that he made it and they are stuck in a job they hate. Or, they feel that because they don't like his music, they have to make fun of him all the time.

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I wish I could thumbs up your comment 100X over. Just beautiful..

MrBoredomioo 18

87, it's a joke made about his obnoxiously high voice

so we'd rather him be a girl?? that's not insulting at all

randybryant799 20

where does it say her daughter was a lesbian????

luckyd880 12

OP never said it was a poster. It could be the actual Justin Bieber pinned to her daughter's wall.

or it was a typo and "posted" was supposed to be "poster"

A typo is pretty unlikely. It's probably like #33 said and the real Justin Bieber is just hanging there. Lets hope so anyway.

Poster or person, burn that Bieber.

Sir that is absurd, where I come from we don't condone violence on little girls does say poster...maybe I'm missing something here...

86 - "I would smack you, but in Germany, we don't hit little girls"?

Why do you guys hate him so much? What did he ever done to you guys? Can somebody explain that? It's just stupid that there's so much hate..

The first warning was when she got the Bieber poster in the first place.

perdix 29

Looks like she's making the next load of laundry for you. That's not pee in those panties ;)

God you are such a badass Perdix. ;)

perdix 29

#7, I know, right? Using Justin Bieber, . . . ick! If she had a poster of any of the beefcakes of "The Big Bang Theory," it would be justifiable.

Perdix atleast it wasn't a poster and not a cut out of 1d..

Grauncho 27

You're so ******* unfunny

Well someone pissed in 61's cheerios this morning..

Noor did you atleast hit every cheerio like the assassin you are should?

18, I'd put my hand down my pants and stare at poster of Raj or Leonard any day. ;)

dontpanic_fml 32

92 - then just upvote his comment, there's no need to post if all your going to say is "I agree...".

All the good commenters are here, were only missing DocBastard and this thread will be complete.

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There goes your hope of grandchildren

Im slightly confused by your comment

CoffeeChickBlows 13

5, don't be an ignorant ********. Lesbians can still have IVF, maybe you'd know that if you read up on technological advances now and then.

#20, I see an alternate meaning to #5's comment. I believe she meant op was going to disown her daughter because she liked Justin Bieber

mpj13 8

*throws girl and poster into mt. Doom*

*then throws that mt. doom into a larger mt. Doom

You must call an exorcist, fire cannot kill such beings...

beliebers these days... it's like South Park episode with the Jonas brothers. he is selling sex to little girls!

if only all "beliebers" were little girls..

kennaem1 11

Do you want to get doused with hot white foam by the Jonas Brothers?!

Its damaged. Throw it off the cliff beginning-of-300 style and start over.

Do you mean she should have a post-abortion?

lifes_surprises 11

I hope she isn't young because then you should hope that masturbating is all she is doing.

TheManager 6

Yes.... Because if you start masturbating young, you're a **** by dinner..... Right....

TeamKelly 10

I believe he might be trying to say that OP would rather have her daughter masterbating than having sex? Pretty far fetched but correct me if im wrong?

TeamKelly 10

Accidental extra comment... Sorry, I'm new around here.

Girls often discover masturbation at a young age, I was 4. It's actually a healthy part of life, and it doesn't at all make a girl a ****. After all, no one calls a guy a ***** for masturbating. They call it natural.

really? beiber? he's sexy? Omg what has gone wrong with this world!

I find beiber more of maybe adorable than even appealing to want too **********. Aren't there other celebrities worth drooling over to ********** too?