By kobolobo - 11/08/2015 16:45 - United States - Redmond

Today, my mom meant to send a picture of her poop to my aunt, but sent it to my swim coach instead. FML
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kobolobo tells us more.

My coach just sent back question marks. I'm pretty sure I'm more embarrassed than my mom.

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Why is she sending pictures of poop to people?


Well, old people and phones, am I right?

Maybe they're trying to see whose is bigger?

ninjamadi 16

So many questions. I'm hoping your aunt is a nurse or dietician? so sorry OP. If your swim coach is anything like mine was he will probably be giving you a lot of crap nicknames and jokes.

My only question is why... Yeah, that about covers it.

I'm a nurse and don't understand why it would be normal for me (us) to send pictures of our shit

Why is she sending pictures of poop to people?

I assume the aunt is a nurse or doctor of sorts and the mom may have been having intestine problems, or digestion system problems as a whole. Or the two just have an ongoing joke. Or she was trying to tell the aunt that she's a piece of shit by just sending a picture. Who knows though

myoukei 31

Idk. I have a schizophrenic uncle who does that kind of stuff when he's off his meds... Perhaps this is a sign of something kinda serious?

Why the F would she send a pic of her poop to anyone!? Why even ever take a pic of your poop in the first place!?