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  quickit  |  24

Considering that this is an FML I'd assume OP invited anywhere. Unless this was an FML only because people were assuming that OP wasn't invited out anywhere.

By  Spadoinkle  |  10

Tell them all to fuck off. Whether you have plans or not, it's rude of them to assume that you'd be happy to watch their brats or to say such a horrible thing to you. Happy New Year.

  blueblu97  |  16

I don't think they really said anything horrible, in all honesty I can't believe anybody would ever say "because I know you're not invited anywhere" I think op just exaggerated in the FML. But I doubt that's how it actually went down.

By  Mauskau  |  35

If you weren't doing anything, babysit all of the kids at once. When your 'friends' ask why there were so many other kids, ask why so many people thought you were free instead of asking you out with them. Also, charge a lot of money.