By lunab123 - 31/12/2014 20:59 - United States - Potomac

Today, I got a letter from my long time boyfriend asking me to meet him at the place we first met for a "surprise". I can't remember where that even is. FML
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Eh. Mines a dating site and then his bedroom... So romantic I know.

#9 and that's how u go from liked to unliked in seconds.


alcohol does that to you sometimes

Pick what? Your nose? Your butt? Don't leave us in suspense like this you asshole

You and him could also have different ideas of where you first met, so you may have to try and get some hints out of him or something.

Eh. Mines a dating site and then his bedroom... So romantic I know.

nothing wrong with calculated passion

Naw he was just the hottest guy with a good job.

#9 and that's how u go from liked to unliked in seconds.

You sound really shallow

The shallowness is strong with this one

You sound so shallow

I'm really not shallow... I like the guy a lot. I just found it funny I had so many likes I was curious to see how many dislikes my comment would get.

@37 and now you know ;p

Sarcasm people it is a thing

gross, probably one of those people who celebrates the anniversary of your guys third kiss

I see it as a romantic gesture. Have you not felt mushy towards someone else before..?

damn dude maybe he was gonna propose. he's obviously a little old school, he wrote her a letter in this day and age. damn

if he was going to propose then he avoided a marriage that probably wouldn't have worked out. he is sentimental and she is practical, it's an annoying arrangement. and never felt mushy btw, I'm realistic not romantic

You don't have other option but to ask him. Usually our memories are messed up when we try to recall events that happened long time ago. He will understand... I hope.

Oh god! I know exactly what you mean! For our wedding my husband and I were asked to describe how we met. We couldn't remember, so we ended up making something up!

Oh God, I hope no one asks me that at my wedding. We met when we were both smashed at a party. So romantic right, haha.

Better than working at Walmart

Friend of mine met her now husband doing dirty web shows. I don't know what they told people at the wedding but I'm sure it wasn't that story. :) You guys just have to agree on one story that's more "acceptable" if you don't want to be embarrassed.

A letter?!

Just ask him

Ahh it's all good. Some people just happen to be more sentimental about dates, times and places. I'm sure he'll understand! It's not FYL because you've got a wonderful soul in your life