By Anonymous - 26/08/2017 01:30

Today, my girlfriend was in the midst of giving me head when she got lockjaw. My dick was stuck inside her mouth as she bit down on it for over an hour. FML
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did you go to the hospital?? honest question

This sounds like the start of a new sitcom.


did you go to the hospital?? honest question

This sounds like the start of a new sitcom.

Cockjaw. Coming this fall!

pics or it didn't happen.

How did that come out?

How did your girlfriend "suddenly" come down with tetanus?

Lockjaw can be caused by many things... MDMA especially, as well as some other diseases besides tetanus.

It's just the better known name for infection with the clostridium tetani bacteria. I've literally never heard it used in association with anything else. And I use literally in the original sense, not the one they had to add to the dictionary to make up for the people that used it in place of metaphorically

Or TMJ? My sister will be eating like normal when out of nowhere her jaw will lock in place or pop loudly (and painfully). It doesn't happen daily or even weekly but when it does happen she just has to let it pass.

Sounds like a lot of BS to me, at the very least a big portion of exaggeration is in place... It means that the whole time basically your penis should be staying erect, that is a long time to stay up while in pain unless you get off on that...

A man says he just had the worst blowjob ever. His mate asks - "How was it?" He replies "Bloody fantastic!" (But yes, if she was clamped down to the point he couldn't get out when soft then he would have serious damage after an hour....)

Sounds like what happened in the movie "The Sweetest Thing" only in that instance it was a piercing causing the problem...

how long did you have her there to begin with for her to get lock jaw...? must not be that good lol